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By: Wing LiEdited by: Jianne Soriano


Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards handed out to "buzziest" icons in 2017

The 2017 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards was held on December 7 2017 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Based on search results from Yahoo's search engine, the annual Buzz Awards rewards the "buzziest" icons in the Asia-Pacific region. The awards show this year featured appearances from popular Hong Kong celebrities like Vincent Wong, Chrissie Chau, Kara Wai and Natalie Tong. Some of the notable winners include Hacken Lee, who won the awards for the "Top Buzz Local Male Singer" and the "Top Searched Song of the Year." C AllStar, Dear Jane and Supper Moment also won the "Top Buzz Local Group" award. The main highlight and closing act of the show is K-pop star Samuel Kim, who received the award of the :Most Searched Korean New Singer." He also performed three songs and closed the event. Reported by Wing Li Edited by Jianne Soriano Photos by Jianne Soriano

Health & Environment

Parents and students criticise Carrie Lam's neglect of student suicides

  • The Young Reporter
  • By: Angie Chan、Ezra Cheung、Japson Melanie Jane、Michelle NgEdited by: Winnie Ngai、Jianne Soriano
  • 2017-10-11

The Hong Kong Chief Executive paid little attention to current youth problems in her maiden 195-page policy address released in the Legislative Council this morning. Various stakeholders, including parent and student representatives and social workers, expressed their disappointment with the report, accusing the leader of neglecting the lives of Hong Kong students. Covering youth policies in just five pages, she put the spotlight on their participation in politics: creating opportunities for young people to join the Central Policy Unit to be re-organised soon and different commissions under the 13 policy bureaux. Lam also focused on the provision of internship and exchange opportunities outside the city. "We will strive to do our best in youth development work by addressing their concerns about education, career pursuit and home ownership," she said during the Legco meeting, "and encouraging their participation in politics as well as public policy discussion and debate." Yet, the city's leader has failed to mention a single word about the severity of the student suicide epidemic which has claimed 432 lives since 2013. The Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides was formed March last year to tackle this issue. But no further action was done after its final report was published, according to Althea Suen Hiu-nam, the former president of the Hong Kong University Students' Union and a member of this government-appointed student suicide prevention committee. She expressed her dismay on Lam's failure to include the issue in her first policy address. "It's absurd to ignore the issue," Suen said, "a disrespect to the lives of the youth." Annie Cheung Yim-sheun, spokesperson of the Hong Kong Parents United, felt Lam had neglected a major issue given the increasing number of student suicides in Hong Kong. Cheung attributed Lam's avoidance to the sensitiveness of the sudden death of Peter Poon Hong-yang, …

Ethnic minority groups urge government to address unequal opportunities

  • 2017-10-08

About 50 individuals from various ethnic minority rights group gathered outside the Hong Kong Government headquarters in Admiralty to call for equal opportunities for ethnic minorities. Organizations and individuals include Hong Kong Unison, Diversity of Voices, ethnic minority parents, local university students and graduates and Chinese-home tutors. They ask Chief Executive Carrie Lam to implement policies related to ethnic minorities which she made in her election manifesto. Carrie stated in early 2017 that she would ensure the successful implementation of Chinese education among ethnic minority students if she was elected as the next chief executive. Jeffrey Andrews, the first ethnic minority registered social workers in Hong Kong of Indian descent and organizer of the march, sees Chinese education as the key to eliminate discrimination against ethnic minorities. "The lack of proper Chinese education [for ethnic minority students] is still not tackled. At schools, we did not get to learn Chinese properly. Therefore, for many generations, ethnic minority people cannot get into universities, cannot integrate into the society or cannot get a proper job," said Andrews. He also lamented the negative perception of ethnic minorities. "Various media sites are blaming us for making Hong Kong chaotic. There is this government slogan: Hong Kong is my home. But I don't think we [ethnic minority community] are included in this message," he added. He added that the unequal opportunities in education have existed since kindergarten. "There are even some kindergartens that deny [ethnic minorities'] entry. Those schools say, ‘Our place is not for your children since everything is taught in Cantonese.' This problem can persist from kindergarten until university. We never really seem to integrate into the society. It is ridiculous that we have to pay to learn Cantonese outside instead of at schools," said Andrews. Salma Deiya, a representative for ethnic minority university …

Ink roots deeper than the dermis

  • 2017-10-03

Ink roots deeper than the dermis Hong Kong tattoo convention as a window to the tattoo culture "Tattoos are not only for 'privileged' gang members," said Gabe Shum, founder of the first-ever international tattoo convention in Hong Kong. People from all walks of life get tattoos, he added. Running its fifth year, the Hong Kong China International Tattoo Convention features more than 300 artists from all around the world. Through this event, Shum hopes that more people could get to know the tattoo culture. From September 29 to October 1 in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, aisles of booths will provide walk-in tattoo services, but for those who are not yet ready for the lifelong commitment, some also display paintings and stickers designed by artists. The three-day event includes tattoo showcases and competitions, a mini-air gun firing range, DJ turntablism sessions and more. The aim of the convention, however, is not profit-ma, king Shum said. He simply wants the event to run smoothly and for Hong Kong artists to leave a lasting impression. He recalled foreign tattoo artists' doubt on Hong Kong and China artists when he went to tattoo conventions in other countries. Enraged by their disdain, he decided to organise the city's own international tattoo convention. Shum hopes that local tattoo artists will develop their own style and stand out in the international radar. One of the highlights for this year is Tebori, the Japanese traditional practice of tattooing by hand. It is being showcased by Japanese tattoo artist, Sousyu Hayashi throughout the whole convention. Hayashi will have completed a 20-hour scalp tattoo by the end of the event, using his hands, needles and hand-grinded Japanese calligraphy ink. This is considered a rare practice performed by only about 20 artists in Japan, said Hayashi, who has been engraving skin …