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No insurance compensation for the Jumbo floating restaurant, the company says

The company’s loss is not covered by the insurance from the incident of Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant that happened on June 18, the statement from Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited said on Sunday night.  The floating restaurant holds insurance only to indemnify and compensate the third party, according to the statement. “Where the assured has effected an insurance in express terms against any liability to a third party, the measure of indemnity, subject to any express provision in the policy, is the amount paid or payable by the assured to the third party in respect of such liability,” according to section 74 of Cap. 329 Marine Insurance Ordinance.  Until June 26, the floating restaurant and its tugboats remained in the area of Xisha Island in the South China Sea. The company has noticed the Sansha Maritime Affairs Bureau.  According to the statement released by the company on June 20, the seawater entered the vessel soon after the accident due to the poor weather conditions and capsized on June 18. It said that the vessel was sunk over 1,000 metres, which made the salvage works extremely difficult. Local media reported that the vessel was “sunk” on June 20 but their public relations representative did not clarify the sayings.  The Hong Kong Marine Department (HKMD) mentioned that before the media began reporting on the sinking of the floating restaurant, HKMD had not received any notification from the vessel’s owner before June 23.  While HKMD responded to the media request that the vessel’s owner submitted the written report regarding the incident on June 23. They cited from the report that the Jumbo floating restaurant was “capsized” and it is still in the water near the Paracel Islands. The official did not indicate that it was “sunk”.  The company replied in the statement on …