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TYR Awards 2023

  • 2023-12-04
  • By: EditorEdited by: Editor
  • 2023-12-04

TYR Awards 2023 Spot News First Place: Sia Rui, Rebecca Yang, Anthony Ho for Typhoon Koinu leaves thousands stranded at Hong Kong airport Runner-up: James Modesto, Annie Cheung for Migrating birds draw crowds at Kwun Tong Promenade Best Video Spot News First Place: Jemima Badajos, Mollie Hib, Wisha Limbu for The Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Festival returns after three years Runner-up: Hayley Lei, Emily Chan, Toby Ng for The 25th Standard Chartered Marathon Best News Feature First Place: Dhuha Al-Zaidi, Ming Min Aw Yong for Hong Kong Sevens: tournament breaks gender barrier as women play alongside men for the first time Runner-up: Jemima Badajos, Ming Min Aw Yong for Young children adjust to “new normal” after mask mandate ends Best Video Feature First Place: Winona Cheung, Renee Tsang, Warren Leung for World's first Frozen-themed land opens at Hong Kong Disneyland Runner-up: Brian Ng, Vivian Miu, Warren Leung for “Seed to Cup” promotes coffee farming culture in Hong Kong Best Investigative Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Annie Cheung for Blood Shortage Crisis Threatens Patients in China Runner-up: Sia Rui, Tom Shuai, Mollie Hib, Gini Pandey for Chengdu celebrates New year with Fireworks despite Ban Best Environment Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shui, Beata Mo for Sweltering summers challenge residents of "pigeon cages" as temperatures soar Runner-up: Emily Chan, Marcus Lum, Warren Leung for Climate change takes a toll on construction workers Best Society Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shuai, Beata Mo for Graffiti art risks breaking national security law Runner-up:  Edith Wang, Eric Jiang, Beata Mo for Doctor workload surges as China eases Covid 19 restrictions Best Culture Story First Place: Ji Youn Lee, Carman Wong, Aruzhan Zeinulla for Board games help build post-pandemic friendships Runner-up: Siena Cheung, Joy Gao for Young adults play hide-and-seek with modern technology …


Hong Kong’s unsung heroes awarded in recognition of Hong Kong’s Spirit

  • By: Yau To LUMEdited by: Tsz Yin HO
  • 2023-12-02

Eight unsung heroes were awarded the Spirit of Hong Kong Award 2023 in recognition of their efforts to Hong Kong and representing the city's spirit for this year. Established in 2013, the campaign aimed to shine a light on the city’s unsung heroes and honour their achievements. The 11th edition of the annual campaign was co-organised by the South China Morning Post and property developer Sino Group. The award winners were announced at a ceremony on Friday evening at the Conrad Hong Kong Hotel. A panel of judges selected seven for their remarkable accomplishments in the perseverance, community, culture, innovation, teamwork and youth categories, with a new Spirit of Sustainability Award category.  The eighth winner was chosen by SCMP’s readers and won the Lion Rock People’s Choice Award. Lee Hoi-wu, 52, who took over her family’s decades-old restaurant in Hong Kong in 2014, won the Lion Rock People’s Choice Award.  “I will continue to make good milk tea, I will strive to use it to tell the good stories of Hong Kong,” she said. “I hope that people will continue to pay attention to Hong Kong and like Hong Kong,” She added. Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu congratulated the winners at the ceremony, saying that their different cultural backgrounds and upbringings represent the spirit of the city. “They are ordinary people but also heroes. Each in their own shining and singular way, they represent the spirit of Hong Kong,” Lee said. Hong Kong has had a difficult few years, particularly since 2019, according to Lee.  “Nonetheless, the people of Hong Kong have persisted. Throughout, the Hong Kong spirit has prevailed,” Lee added. The city leader praised their selfless contribution in areas spanning technology, medicine, education, culture, sports, community service and more. “They make a profound difference,” Lee said. “For the …


The HKFYG Leadership Institute Open Day

  • By: Sze Kei WONG、Ka Man WongEdited by: Noah Tsang
  • 2023-11-29

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups hosts an open day in Fanling. It’s leadership institute is housed in what was once Fanling Magistracy.


Hong Kong holds a 2-2 Draw against Turkmenistan in Intense World Cup Qualifier

  • By: Ben Rong LiEdited by: Aruzhan ZEINULLA、Ming Min AW YONG
  • 2023-11-28

Hong Kong faced Turkmenistan last Tuesday in a crucial match for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers in the second round at Hong Kong Stadium. Hong Kong tied 2-2 despite trailing twice. Ranked just nine places lower than their opponents, Hong Kong fielded a strong lineup, including the Kitchee combination of Chan Shinichi and Azevedo Pedreira Fernando Augusto on the left flank.  Everton Camargo, making a return, played in the centre alongside striker Udebuluzor Michael Chibuikem, while An Wing-Kwan started on the bench. Hong Kong captain Yip Hung-fai guarded the goal, with Leung Nok Hang and Lo Kwan Yee in central defence. The midfield featured Wong Wai, Chan Siu-Kwan, and Chan Chun-lok for the attack.  6,601 supporters chanted inspiring slogans from the stands. Among them were approximately 20 Turkmenistan fans.  Early in the game, Hong Kong conceded a goal in the 4th minute when Turkmenistan capitalised on a defensive vulnerability. Ruslan Kamilyevich Mingazov, Turkmenistan midfield chipped the ball over the goalkeeper, putting Turkmenistan in the lead. However, Hong Kong equalised in the eighth minute through Wong Wai's header from Yu Chun Nam's cross. The team then gained momentum and launched a fierce attack.  In the 21st minute, Wong Wai's free-kick found Chen Zhaojun, who scored with a header, but the referee decided it was offside despite protests from the home crowd. Turkmenistan also had an offside goal in the first half. In the 36th minute, Mamedov outjumped Yu Chun-nam to head the ball into the net, giving Turkmenistan a 2-1 lead.  Hong Kong had opportunities to level the score, with Everton's shot was blocked and Chan Chun Lok hitting the crossbar from a corner kick.  Coach Anderson brought on An Wing-kwan to strengthen the attack, and in the 65th minute, Wong Wai's free-kick found An Wing-kwan, whose header was …


World's first Frozen-themed land opens at Hong Kong Disneyland

  • By: Yee Ling TSANG、Wai Sum CHEUNGEdited by: Tsz In Warren LEUNG
  • 2023-11-27

Hong Kong Disneyland unveiled its new playland based on the theme of the movie, Frozen. It is the first and only playland on this theme among the world’s Disneyland Resorts.  


Midland Realty and subsidiaries face commission manipulation allegations

  • By: Xiya RUI、Hanzhi YANGEdited by: Ming Min AW YONG、Noah Tsang
  • 2023-11-17

The Competition Commission filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing Midland Realty. Holdings and its two subsidiaries over alleged sales commission fixing.  The Competition Commission alleges that Midland Holdings and its subsidiaries instructed agents to charge a minimum net commission rate of 2 percent for first-hand residential properties, starting from December 2022. Some members of the public have given their support to further address unethical practices in the real estate industry.  "I am very grateful to the Competition Commission for strictly supervising this matter," said Hurry Lee, 42 years old, a buyer who bought a home at Midland Realty in February. "The price-fixing in the real estate industry is deeply concerning," Lee said, "It means that homebuyers like me may have been paying inflated prices due to collusion. I paid nearly HK$200,000 in agency fees, but that could potentially be lower if there is fair competition." According to the data from The Land Registry, since the alleged commission manipulation artificially increased the rate to 2% in December 2022, the number of sale and purchase agreements of building units for that month hit its lowest point of the year at 3,565. Furthermore, last month witnessed a decline of 33.9% compared to October last year. "I also wish for lower agency fees, because it would make it easier for us to attract potential buyers when selling properties," said Galong Wong, a staff member at Midland Real Estate Agency. "Our salary is composed of a base salary and commissions earned for each transaction completed. While the entire real estate industry has collectively increased the commission rates to 2%, allowing the company to earn more money, our individual commission for selling a property has not seen a corresponding increase," Wong said. According to the investigation by the Hong Kong's Competition Commission, Midland had conspired with Centaline …


Hong Kong TransLantau 2023 Returns With New Challenges

  • By: KONG Tsz YuenEdited by: Kei Tung LAM
  • 2023-11-13

Hong Kong TransLantau hosted by UTMB, marked its triumphant return on Nov 10 after a two-year pause due to the pandemic. This year’s new challenge was the TL140, a 129 km trail boasting a cumulative elevation gain of 6,700 metres. The three-day event on Lantau featured four different trails, including 25 km, 50 km, 100 km, and 129 km.  Participants of the 129 km trail needed training in order to complete the course within the 40-hour timeframe. Participants had to go up and downhill with the highest point at Lantau Peak at a rise of  934 metres. There were 12 strategically placed refreshment posts along the course. To enter the TransLantau140 by UTMB, runners had to complete a 50 km or 100 km trail race in under 12 hours. Tom Joly from the UK, the winner of TL140, crossed the finish line in 16 hours and nearly 48 minutes. He has won Ultra Sierra Nevada Trail 2022, 2023, Kong Lakes ultra-long course 2022, and more.  Among the contenders, Grace Law, 34, who ranked among the top five in the 35-39 age group for women for  100 km, said she has been preparing for this competition for over six months. Law said her preparation included testing energy gels and creating a personalized food approach, such as a plant-based Onigiri known for its sour and sweet taste, resistant to spoilage. “The food preparation is very personal. One of my foods is plum Onigiri; the taste is sour and sweet, and it does not spoil, and I need a plant-based Onigiri,” said Law. “The support team must be very sensitive to the runners’ condition. If the condition is not good, the runner may need to rest for an extra minute, requiring a support team familiar with the runner to adjust,” she added. The …


FinTech Week puts spotlight on tokenization and cross-border transactions

  • By: Runqing LIEdited by: Zimo ZHONG
  • 2023-11-04

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 came to a close on Friday, attracting over 30,000 participants during the two-day event. This year’s theme was “Fintech Redefined”. The conference focused on policy and regulatory innovation, the shift from web2 to web3 and AI, and leveraging technology for inclusion, ESG, and Green Finance. It has been the eighth year for Hong Kong to hold one of the largest and most influential fintech events in Asia, featuring more than 500 speakers both online and offline. Compared to last year, organisers have doubled the floor space at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to accommodate 540 exhibitors. “No other economy can claim our unique advantage under the ‘one country two systems’ principle, to draw on and create opportunities from both our country and the world at large,” said John Lee, the Chief Executive at the opening on Thursday. After one of the largest financial frauds in Hong Kong history, which involved a loss of HK$1.5 billion in the JPEX cryptocurrency exchange in October, the focus of this year's conference shifted from last year's virtual assets to tokenization and cross-border transactions. On Friday, the government announced a three-pronged strategy for fintech development, two of which involve expanding the use of digital yuan and Web3 technology.  On Thursday, the Securities and Futures Commission issued two circulars on tokenized securities, opening retail access under the condition of prior notification and business plan discussions with the Securities and Futures Commission and with smart contract audits. Alan Ding, 35, a business director of a Hong Kong-based company in Web 3 and cryptocurrency, said that Hong Kong provides a good business environment for Fintech companies. But he still hopes the Hong Kong government can implement more “specific policies”. Ding added that although the Hong Kong government supports Fintech, it is …


No more COVID restrictions for Hong Kong-mainland travellers

  • By: Yuqi CHU、Junzhe JIANGEdited by: Zimo ZHONG
  • 2023-11-01

Travellers to and from the mainland no longer have to fill in a health declaration form from today according to the General Administration of Customs of China. But Chinese Customs urge travellers who have symptoms of infectious diseases such as fever and cough to declare their health condition to customs officers Scrapping the health declaration form requirement marks an end to all “Zero COVID Policies” introduced in January 2020 in Beijing’s attempt to control the spread of infection. Commonly known as the “Black Code”, travellers would be sent a QR code and a bar code after filling out the declaration form. “The Black Code is a waste of time, and I always forget to make the health declaration,” said Zoey Cheung, 22, a student from Hong Kong University. She said the “Black Code” is useless rather than calculating the number of travellers who cross the border. Many travellers like Zoey had to buy data just to fill in the form at border crossings because the Wifi signal was too weak. Lam Si-Jung, 35, a bank teller, said: "Scanning the Black code using WeChat is simple for young people. But for older people like my parents, it is troublesome and that reduces their willingness to go to Shenzhen." “It used to take me about 90 minutes to travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong,” said traveller, Sun Xintong. “But now it takes me only 10 minutes to cross the border after the black code is cancelled”.  But the cancellation of the Black code is not good news for everyone.  Simon Wong Ka-wo, the president of the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurant and Related Trade, is worried that more people might go north to the mainland to spend their money and consequently slow down consumption in Hong Kong. According to the Immigration Department, …


Copenhagen Airport said Storm Babet causes Flight chaos

  • By: Tsz Yau CHANEdited by: Rajnandini PANDEY
  • 2023-10-31

On Friday, storm Babet caused 142 flight delays or cancellations at Copenhagen Airport. Denmark’s state forecaster issued a category 3 warning on storm surges in the southern area of Denmark and lifted the warning the next morning. According to the Danish Meteorological Institution, DMI, on the night of the violent storm surge, several regions across the nation recorded the highest water levels in 100 years, with sea levels rising to two meters above normal in some places.  There was no significant damage to airport facilities, and minor damages were repaired swiftly. All affected passengers were compensated with hotel stays and rebooking of flights in the following days. At midnight, more than 200 passengers were stranded at the airport waiting for hotel accommodations and flight rearrangements. Ellia Osborna and her friend Faye Ainsworth, both 22-year-old physiotherapists, visited Copenhagen for three days and were about to return to Manchester, England, when storm Babet hit. Their flight was delayed for over two hours and was eventually cancelled. They were compensated with a hotel stay for two nights and a rebooking of a flight transferring at Amsterdam two days later. “We are supposed to be working tomorrow for a football match, but now we’ll have someone to cover for us, which causes us to lose about 50 GBP (HK$475) each,” said Osborna. “The waiting process was tiring but it could have been worse,” she added. Ainsworth said that the airport ground staff was not very helpful throughout the process. “The staff just gave us a piece of paper and told us to complete all the rebooking process on the app, without much explanation,” said Ainsworth. “I think the staff is not really prepared for such situations,” she added. Another traveller, Hussein Shaheen, 63, was travelling to Belgrade, Serbia, to visit his friend but was …