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TYR Awards 2023

  • 2023-12-04
  • By: EditorEdited by: Editor
  • 2023-12-04

TYR Awards 2023 Spot News First Place: Sia Rui, Rebecca Yang, Anthony Ho for Typhoon Koinu leaves thousands stranded at Hong Kong airport Runner-up: James Modesto, Annie Cheung for Migrating birds draw crowds at Kwun Tong Promenade Best Video Spot News First Place: Jemima Badajos, Mollie Hib, Wisha Limbu for The Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Festival returns after three years Runner-up: Hayley Lei, Emily Chan, Toby Ng for The 25th Standard Chartered Marathon Best News Feature First Place: Dhuha Al-Zaidi, Ming Min Aw Yong for Hong Kong Sevens: tournament breaks gender barrier as women play alongside men for the first time Runner-up: Jemima Badajos, Ming Min Aw Yong for Young children adjust to “new normal” after mask mandate ends Best Video Feature First Place: Winona Cheung, Renee Tsang, Warren Leung for World's first Frozen-themed land opens at Hong Kong Disneyland Runner-up: Brian Ng, Vivian Miu, Warren Leung for “Seed to Cup” promotes coffee farming culture in Hong Kong Best Investigative Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Annie Cheung for Blood Shortage Crisis Threatens Patients in China Runner-up: Sia Rui, Tom Shuai, Mollie Hib, Gini Pandey for Chengdu celebrates New year with Fireworks despite Ban Best Environment Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shui, Beata Mo for Sweltering summers challenge residents of "pigeon cages" as temperatures soar Runner-up: Emily Chan, Marcus Lum, Warren Leung for Climate change takes a toll on construction workers Best Society Story First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shuai, Beata Mo for Graffiti art risks breaking national security law Runner-up:  Edith Wang, Eric Jiang, Beata Mo for Doctor workload surges as China eases Covid 19 restrictions Best Culture Story First Place: Ji Youn Lee, Carman Wong, Aruzhan Zeinulla for Board games help build post-pandemic friendships Runner-up: Siena Cheung, Joy Gao for Young adults play hide-and-seek with modern technology …

TYR Awards 2022 Winners

  • 2022-11-30
  • By: Robin Ewing、Jenny LamEdited by: Robin Ewing
  • 2022-11-30

Best Spot News 1st place: Jacky Poon, Timothy Fung & Kelly Pang for Hong Kong eases curbs on vaccine pass checks except cinemas and ice rinks Runner-up: Tse Man, Amber Li, & Ayra Wang for 1,200 swimmers make waves in harbour race Best Video Spot News 1st place: Karmen Li & Jayde Cheung for Covid lockdown in Kwai Chung leaves residents in the lurch Runner-up: Karmen Li & Jayde Cheung for Edward Leung Tin-kei released after six years in prison Best On-the-Ground Reporting 1st place: Annie Cheung & Chloe Wong for SOCO coverage, Policy Address Best Live Coverage 1st place: Noah Tsang for  Tourism, Policy Address Best Video Feature 1st place: Karmen Li & Tracy Leung for Goodbye to the last sawmill in Hong Kong Runner-up: Wisha Limbu, Gini Pandey & Leona Liu for See the world in patterns: Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at M+ Best Feature 1st place: Julia Zhong, Beata Mo & Karmen Li for Foodpanda riders strike over wage cuts Runner-up: Julia Zhong, Yongyi Cao &  Karmen Li for Ready for snakes? Hong Kongers bring pets reptiles to new countries Best Human Rights Reporting 1st place: Jayde Cheung & Clarice Wu for Justice for silent frontline cleaners Runner-up:  Malick Gai & Tiffany Ma for Renters face racial discrimination in Asia's world city Best COVID-19 Coverage 1st place: Tracy Leung, Kelly Pang & Clarice Wu for Hong Kong's health care system under stress during the fifth wave of Covid-19 Runner-up:  Kate Zhang & Tracy Leung for Desperate for drugs during the lockdown in China Best Society Story 1st place: Gini Pandey, Warren Leung, & Leona Liu for Hong Kong immigration wave: the elderly left behind need more assistance Runner-up: Dhuha Al-Zaidi & Jayde Cheung for Foreign Domestic Helpers Under Stress Despite Wage Increase Best use of online technology during …

Ghost nets haunt Hong Kong waters, killing marine life and endangering divers

  • 2021-12-09

It took Harry Chan Tin-ming and a group of ten divers two hours under the sea in Tai Po to find and haul out 800 kilograms of abandoned fishing nets.  “90% of the time I go diving, I see ghost nets and it’s a big problem for marine life including fish, crabs, sea turtles and other marine life,” said Chan.  The large number of abandoned fishing nets, also known as “ghost nets”, is alarming and has become a major issue for marine life, its habitat and even commercial fishermen.  Chan, 68, known in Hong Kong as the “ghost net hunter”, has been diving for over 30 years and started regularly hunting for these nets more than eight years ago. “The ocean is a mystery,” he said.  Ghost nets are dangerous because marine life becomes entangled, affecting the health of the ocean and even divers who try removing them. They haunt the oceans and are a major contributor to the wider ocean plastic crisis. Made from a range of synthetic fibers, including nylon, polystyrene and other plastic compounds, ghost nets can travel vast distances.  "From the biggest fishing nets to the tiniest pellets, plastic pollution is impacting the ocean," said Dana Winograd, Director of Operations for Plastic Free Seas, a charity focused on solution-oriented awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean. It is also involved in regular beach cleanups around Hong Kong. In October, Winograd and a group of volunteers found ghost nets washed up on beaches in two of their last three beach cleanups at Butterfly Beach in Tuen Mun and Cheung Sha Lan on Lantau Island.  "It's not easy to recycle the nets if they have been in the ocean for a long time. Most companies claiming to use recycled fishing nets in their products are only using a …