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TYR Awards 2023

TYR Awards 2023

Spot News

First Place: Sia Rui, Rebecca Yang, Anthony Ho for Typhoon Koinu leaves thousands stranded at Hong Kong airport

Runner-up: James Modesto, Annie Cheung for Migrating birds draw crowds at Kwun Tong Promenade

Best Video Spot News

First Place: Jemima Badajos, Mollie Hib, Wisha Limbu for The Lamma 500 International Dragon Boat Festival returns after three years

Runner-up: Hayley Lei, Emily Chan, Toby Ng for The 25th Standard Chartered Marathon

Best News Feature

First Place: Dhuha Al-Zaidi, Ming Min Aw Yong for Hong Kong Sevens: tournament breaks gender barrier as women play alongside men for the first time

Runner-up: Jemima Badajos, Ming Min Aw Yong for Young children adjust to “new normal” after mask mandate ends

Best Video Feature

First Place: Winona Cheung, Renee Tsang, Warren Leung for World's first Frozen-themed land opens at Hong Kong Disneyland

Runner-up: Brian Ng, Vivian Miu, Warren Leung for “Seed to Cup” promotes coffee farming culture in Hong Kong

Best Investigative Story

First Place: Nicole Chu, Annie Cheung for Blood Shortage Crisis Threatens Patients in China

Runner-up: Sia Rui, Tom Shuai, Mollie Hib, Gini Pandey for Chengdu celebrates New year with Fireworks despite Ban

Best Environment Story

First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shui, Beata Mo for Sweltering summers challenge residents of "pigeon cages" as temperatures soar

Runner-up: Emily Chan, Marcus Lum, Warren Leung for Climate change takes a toll on construction workers

Best Society Story

First Place: Nicole Chu, Tom Shuai, Beata Mo for Graffiti art risks breaking national security law

Runner-up:  Edith Wang, Eric Jiang, Beata Mo for Doctor workload surges as China eases Covid 19 restrictions

Best Culture Story

First Place: Ji Youn Lee, Carman Wong, Aruzhan Zeinulla for Board games help build post-pandemic friendships

Runner-up: Siena Cheung, Joy Gao for Young adults play hide-and-seek with modern technology twist

Best International Story

First Place: Joy Gao, Bella Ding for Hong Kong immigrants take a breather from “lower-end” UK jobs

Best Business Story

First Place: Daniel Wang, Yoyo Lee, Bella Ding, Julia Zhong, Adelyn Lau for ChatGPT-type AI stocks grow with volatility amid investment hype

Runner-up: Adelyn Lau, Yuchen Li, Bella Ding, Rex Cheuk, Yuhe Wang for Companies and government seek more ESG practices in small businesses

Best Live Shot

First Place: Carmen Wong for Policy Address 2023

Runner-up:  Elif Ayhan for Policy Address 2023

Best News Photography

First Place: James Modesto for Policy Address 2023: Unveiling more details on Northern Metropolis plan amid conservation inadequacy

Runner-up:  Renee Tsang for Farewell to Tai O

Best use of online technology for reporting

Tom Shuai, Eric Jiang for My AI girlfriend

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