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TYR Awards 2022 Winners

Best Spot News

1st place: Jacky Poon, Timothy Fung & Kelly Pang for Hong Kong eases curbs on vaccine pass checks except cinemas and ice rinks

Runner-up: Tse Man, Amber Li, & Ayra Wang for 1,200 swimmers make waves in harbour race

Best Video Spot News

1st place: Karmen Li & Jayde Cheung for Covid lockdown in Kwai Chung leaves residents in the lurch

Runner-up: Karmen Li & Jayde Cheung for Edward Leung Tin-kei released after six years in prison

Best On-the-Ground Reporting

1st place: Annie Cheung & Chloe Wong for SOCO coverage, Policy Address

Best Live Coverage

1st place: Noah Tsang for  Tourism, Policy Address

Best Video Feature

1st place: Karmen Li & Tracy Leung for Goodbye to the last sawmill in Hong Kong

Runner-up: Wisha Limbu, Gini Pandey & Leona Liu for See the world in patterns: Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at M+

Best Feature

1st place: Julia Zhong, Beata Mo & Karmen Li for Foodpanda riders strike over wage cuts

Runner-up: Julia Zhong, Yongyi Cao &  Karmen Li for Ready for snakes? Hong Kongers bring pets reptiles to new countries

Best Human Rights Reporting

1st place: Jayde Cheung & Clarice Wu for Justice for silent frontline cleaners

Runner-up:  Malick Gai & Tiffany Ma for Renters face racial discrimination in Asia's world city

Best COVID-19 Coverage

1st place: Tracy Leung, Kelly Pang & Clarice Wu for Hong Kong's health care system under stress during the fifth wave of Covid-19

Runner-up:  Kate Zhang & Tracy Leung for Desperate for drugs during the lockdown in China

Best Society Story

1st place: Gini Pandey, Warren Leung, & Leona Liu for Hong Kong immigration wave: the elderly left behind need more assistance

Runner-up: Dhuha Al-Zaidi & Jayde Cheung for Foreign Domestic Helpers Under Stress Despite Wage Increase

Best use of online technology during COVID-19 restrictions

1st place:  Bruce Zhao & Summer Li for Trouble in mainland quarantine after escaping pandemic in Hong Kong

Best video presenter

1st place:  Wisha Limbu for Good News: Pets

Runner-up: Warren Leung for Good news: Fridges

Best news photograph

1st place: Karmen Li for Government tells fundraisers to stop financial aid for foreign domestic helpers fined for breaking social distancing rules

Runner-up:  Anthony Ho for Hong Kong officials advise caution after Seoul Halloween tragedy

Best audio

1st place: Rex Cheuk, Yoyo Lee &  Kelly Pang for Indie Bands

Best International Story

1st place:  Jayde Cheung & Tracy Leung for Southeast Queensland flood causes six deaths, traps over 1,400 homes in Brisbane

Best Investigative Story

1st place: Nicholas Shu, Leona Liu, Kylie Wong, Nick Yang & Malick Gai for Mainland housing agency u-turn on student evictions; failed payments to landlords

Runner-up: Aruzhan Zeinulla、Joana Nguyen & Malick Gai for National Security Law and Covid-19 behind exodus of Hong Kong journalists

Best Culture Story

1st place: Rex Cheuk, Yoyo Lee &  Kelly Pang for Indie music gets the thumbs up in Hong Kong

Runner-up: Beata Mo, Charlotte Lam & Clarice Wu for Reviving Hong Kong’s flower plaque tradition

Best Business Story

1st place:  Bella Ding, Joy Gao, & Ayra Wang for John Lee announces new visa to trawl the world for young talents

Runner-up:  David Ren for Virus or Starvation: Hong Kong Suffers Under Worst Pandemic Wave

TYR Leadership Award

Nick Yang

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