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Photo Essay

Photo Essay

Noir & Blanc—A Story of Photography exhibition debuts at M+

  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Noir & Blanc—A Story of Photography is the first photography programme of the French May Arts Festival in Hong Kong opening in March. As the first stop of the travelling exhibition, M+ is collaborating with the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), the national library of France.  It showcases photographic works from 1915 to 2019 and is the first major public exhibition of BnF’s photography collections in Asia.  “Light and Shadow”, “Aiming for Contrast” and “Colour Chart” are the three main sections in the exhibition. It presents different perspectives for comprehending the creation of black-and-white images over the span of more than a century.  The exhibition includes more than 250 photographs from BnF’s world-renowned collection, complemented by over 30 works from both mainland China and Hong Kong, drawn from the M+ Collections. The exhibition will be held from Mar. 16 to July 1. Tickets are $140 for adults, $70 for full-time students, children ages 7 to 11, senior citizens ages 60 or above, persons with disabilities and one companion, and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients.  


Floral Joy Around Town: 2024 Hong Kong Flower Show

  • The Young Reporter
  • By: LI Sin Tung、MAO Anqi、James Ezekiel Kalaw MODESTOEdited by: James Ezekiel Kalaw MODESTO
  • 2024-03-18

Hong Kong welcomes the arrival of spring with the annual Hong Kong Flower Show as it returns to Victoria Park for a second straight year after a three-year halt due to Covid-19. This year’s theme is “Floral Joy Around Town,” with the Angelonia as the event’s chosen flower. Angelonia, also known as the “angel flower” and summer snapdragon, comes in various colours and is noted for its long flowering period, flourishing from Spring to Autumn. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department uses the Angelonia to symbolise Hong Kong’s ability to overcome adversity, adding that Hong Kong can always overcome difficulties and bloom with vigour like the theme flower. Around 229 organisations are participating in this year’s event, including several government departments and exhibitors from other countries. The event will be held from Mar. 15 to 24.

Photo Essay

Lions and Dragons Dance again after four years silence

The 15th World Hong Kong Luminous Dragon and Lion Dance Championships returned to Hung Hom Stadium on Mar. 9, after a four year hiatus, gathering 11 lion teams and 8 luminous dragon teams. For the first time the luminous dragon performances took place during the day. “The windows were covered with black cloth and all the lights will be turned off to create a night effect,"said Gong Pui-wai, President of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association. The championship is held every two years but was canceled in 2022 because of the pandemic.This year's championship includes teams from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao,Taiwan, and eight other countries and regions. The Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association sent nine referees and more than 50 volunteers to ensure the event went smoothly "Both lion dance and dragon dance are a test of teamwork," said Gong. "Holding such a championship represents Hong Kong's welcoming spirit of tolerance and unity. reflecting our respect for traditional Chinese culture,"he added.                                    


Wong Tai Sin Lantern Festival Fun Fair returns after four-year hiatus

  • The Young Reporter
  • By: LI Sin Tung、MAO AnqiEdited by: James Ezekiel Kalaw MODESTO
  • 2024-02-23

The first day of the Wong Tai Sin Lantern Festival Fun Fair has resumed after a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Buzzing with noise and a lively atmosphere, the highlight of day one was the return of crowds of visitors at the night-time event. Visitors immersed themselves in the festivities, taking pictures and eating snacks bought from the stall. According to the Wong Tai Sin District Council, around 50 exhibitors participated in the fair, including food vendors, craft stalls and decoration stands. The Wong Tai Sin Lantern Festival Fun Fair is one of the events under Night Vibes Hong Kong, a series of projects using night markets as a means to promote the post-pandemic economy by the government. The Fair will be held from Feb. 23 to 25.


For this Filipino domestic helper dragon boat team in Hong Kong, paddling empowers their community and women

  • By: Jemima BadajosEdited by: Wisha LIMBU
  • 2023-12-12

As the Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Gala 2023 kicked off at Tai Pak Beach, it was a homecoming for Filipino Dynamo, a Filipino domestic helper dragon boat team in Hong Kong, as they were going to compete where they first began. Filipino Dynamo was first founded in January 2018 by Liza Avelino, a Filipino domestic helper who used to compete in a mixed dragon boat team. She wanted to start a team of her own, composed of female Filipino domestic helpers.  When it first started, the team recruited helpers who had little to no experience in paddling. Over the years, Filipino Dynamo has proved itself on a competitive level, recently winning 1st runner-up in the Sinopec Ladies Race at the Gala. Although dragon boating has been around for more than a thousand years, Hong Kong has propelled it forward into a ‘modern sport’. This year, 43 local and international dragon boat races were held, according to the Dragon Boat Hong Kong. The Filipino Dynamo team aims to join at least one race every season. However, dragon boat racing is also an expensive sport. To compete in the Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Gala, the ladies race category alone costs HK$3,800 to register. Without a dragon boat and parking space licence, the group also has to rely on sponsorships and club membership fees to rent out boats for water training. Most domestic helpers have Sundays as their day off, with plenty that can be seen gathering with their friends in public areas. By law, domestic helpers are required to have a 24-hour rest period every week. But for Filipino Dynamo members, they spend their one day-off training for the next race. Their training regime consists of a mix of yoga, circuit, and strength training on land and paddling techniques in water.  With …


A glimpse inside Hong Kong’s iconic Choi Hung Estate amidst redevelopment talks

  • By: James Ezekiel Kalaw MODESTOEdited by: Ho Yi CHEUNG
  • 2023-12-12

Choi Hung Estate, one of Hong Kong's iconic urban photography spots, is set to undergo phased redevelopment, according to local media. With its construction dating back to the early 60s, Choi Hung Estate stands as one of Hong Kong's largest and earliest public housing estates, situated in the Wong Tai Sin District. The housing complex spans over 5.1 hectares and consists of 11 blocks comprising 7,400 flats that provide homes for more than 17,000 residents. In the past, Choi Hung Estate was visited by members of the Royal Family, including Princess Margaret in 1966 and foreign dignitaries, such as US’s Richard Nixon in 1964 before his assumption as the nation’s leader in 1969. The estate, managed by the city's Housing Authority, attracts both locals and tourists due to its rainbow-coloured buildings. Most notably, the basketball courts within the estate serve as popular backdrops for photos, with their vibrant walls complementing the snapshots taken there. Beyond its colourful exterior walls and “social media-worthy” appeal, Choi Hung Estate buzzes with everyday scenes of people engaged in their daily routines, as well as the vibrant presence of shops and other amenities, mirroring the essence of any residential community.


Exhibition commemorates the 20th anniversary of superstar Leslie Cheung’s death

  • By: Yee Ling TSANG、Wai Sum CHEUNGEdited by: Yu Yin WONG
  • 2023-04-02

More than 7,600 fans gathered at Hong Kong Heritage Museum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of legendary star Leslie Cheung’s death on Saturday, according to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and hosted by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” showcases an extensive collection of Cheung’s mementoes. Three of Cheung’s close friends, Florence Chan, William Chang and Wing Shya are guest curators. Cheung’s partner, Daffy Tong, also shared his personal collection with the museum.  The event displays 61 exhibits, such as stage outfits, trophies, photos, videos and Vinyl records.  Visitors can redeem free posters using their tickets at the exhibition’s exit.   Cantopop icon Leslie Cheung passed away 20 years ago on 1 April 2003. In his career, Cheung won numerous awards, including RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards, Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. Cheung’s artistic films and pop songs are still widely admired and adored by many.  There are also other ongoing memorial events in the city, including “Reminiscing Leslie Cheung: 20th Anniversary Exhibition” at Hong Kong MTR Station, Timeless Leslie Encounter in Olympian City, and "Leslie Cheung MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE CONCERT" in Hong Kong Coliseum.  The “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” will remain publicly open until 9 October.


Hong Kong blooms in joy as annual flower show returns after three-year hiatus

  • By: James Ezekiel Kalaw MODESTOEdited by: Tsz Yin HO
  • 2023-03-20

As the city welcomes spring, swarms of people flocked to Victoria Park to celebrate the return of the annual Hong Kong Flower Show in Causeway Bay. The event has been cancelled since 2020 due to the safety concerns over the virus. This year’s theme was “Bliss on Bloom”, featuring 40,000 hydrangeas as the theme flower, along with some 400,000 flowers, according to the LCSD. Accompanying the flowers were attractions built by several government departments and the 18 district councils, along with other organisations, including the Philippine Consulate-General and the Guangzhou local government. The returning Hong Kong Flower Show garnered hundreds of people, including families, schools and tour groups. The 2023 Hong Kong Flower Show started on Mar. 10 and ended on Mar. 19.  


National Day under patriots administering Hong Kong

A sea of red national and regional flags displayed in Hong Kong marks the 73 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China on Oct. 1. Some citizens celebrated the anniversary by waving red flags, while no rallies or demonstrations were held this year. “Hong Kong now undergoes the critical transition from stability to prosperity,” said John Lee, Chief executive of Hong Kong, at the National Day reception. Lee delivered a speech as the Chief Executive for the first time since his swearing on Jul. 1. Local media reported that 7,000 to 8,000 police officers were mobilized on National Day. The police force did not receive any application to hold a protest on Oct. 1. Chan Po-ying, a chairperson of the League of Social Democrats (LSD), told the HKFP that the national security police warned her not to hold any activities on National Day.