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Information Day 2023 at Hong Kong Baptist University

  • By: Yi Yin CHOW、Chi On LIUEdited by: Ka Ki FUNG
  • 2023-10-09

The Information Day of the Hong Kong Baptist University is held on Oct. 7. It is the first year after pandemic restrictions have been relaxed to hold the Information Day. Many visitors come to get more information on what they are interested in. 


Full STEAM ahead in Hong Kong schools

  • By: Wai Sum CHEUNG、Yee Ling TSANGEdited by: Kei Tung LAM
  • 2023-10-08

During recess, a group of primary students excitedly rushed out of the classroom and could not wait to meet their “cute little friends” in the school’s STEM room. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. The children have been breeding butterflies in boxes as part of a STEM project.  “I love butterflies. As one of the Butterfly Conservation Ambassadors, I’ve learned a lot about the creatures,” said Kan Chan, a Primary Six student from Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School. Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School attaches importance to inspiring students to think, allowing them to learn through STEM subjects in class by integrating subjects and encouraging them to participate in inter-school competitions.  Butterfly Conservation Ambassadors is one of the events. Students can nurture butterflies from caterpillars to adults and share the importance of butterfly conservation with their schoolmates. Through this, they help to raise biodiversity around the school.  In 2018 -19 school year, Stewards Pooi Kei Primary school won First Runner-up and the Most Popular Award in the Butterfly x Stem Expo organised by Green Power. However, a new educational approach, “STEAM”, has become more influential in recent years. It is a model of STEM, but adding the Arts along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects. Chief Executive John Lee has proposed to enrich STEAM education in public-funded schools by 2024-25 through implementing enriched coding education at the senior primary level. The government will “step up the promotion of STEAM education for all, for fun and for diversity” in primary and secondary schools by incorporating more IT learning elements into the curriculum and enhancing professional training on STEAM, according to the Policy Address 2022.  To align with the STEAM trend, Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School started attaching the “Arts” aspect in recent years. The school’s STEM department has collaborated …


More than 1500 Join Petition to Demand Clarity on Rosaryhill School

  • By: Lisheng CHENGEdited by: Yixin Gao
  • 2023-09-27

The number of parents, teachers, students and alumni who signed a petition to demand an explanation on the expected closure of Rosaryhill School on Stubbs Road reached 1525. They accused the school’s sponsoring body, Dominican Missions of failing to consult and respect them before an announcement on Sep. 19 to merge the kindergarten and primary school of Rosaryhill School with Dalton School Hong Kong and abolish the secondary department after two years. An internal notice of the Merger and Abolishment Plan was reportedly released to students and teachers without prior consultation. The principal was informed on Sep. 14, and parents and students were informed on Sep. 15. A parent meeting was then held less than 24 hours after the release of the notice. “It was released so late that many parents and students didn't see,’’ said Param Verma, 15, a secondary student from the school. Parents had insufficient time to attend and discuss the possibilities of better student arrangements”. Aaren Sapra, 15, a year three secondary student, said that parents were forced to look for other schools and were concerned that the government secondary school Central Allocation system may not be the best option for their kids, and they were worried that their children could not adapt to a new school and may lose their friends. “I will consider transferring our child to another school. We hope to give our child a fresh start sooner rather than waiting here for an uncertain future,” said Tracy Lo, 32, a secondary student’s mother. “Switching to another school means sacrificing the elective courses crucial for my future career aspirations,” said Param. With the school facing an uncertain future, alumni expressed profound disappointment and heartbreaks. "I have spent one-third of my life at Rosaryhill, forging valuable relationships with educators and peers and igniting my …


Lapsap Beach

  • By: Wisha LIMBU、Rajnandini PANDEYEdited by: Tsz Ying CHEUNG
  • 2023-05-02

Frequent tropical cyclones wash marine litter to the shores of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Clean Up, a local non-government organisation, helps to ease the aftermath of climate change by organising weekly collecting trash activities since 2000. 


ChatGPT should be encouraged in schools, says experts

  • By: Jemima BadajosEdited by: KOO Chi Tung 顧知桐
  • 2023-03-09

Executives from local universities expressed their support towards the use of AI technologies in assignments at an AI summit, following a temporary ban on ChatGPT due to considerations of academic plagiarism in Hong Kong universities. The  “Artificial-Human-Centred Summit” held at Hong Kong Baptist University on Monday, had academics gathered from different disciplines, including computer science, data science and communication. “ChatGPT can perform extremely well if you ask the right question,” said Guo Yike, Provost of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Guo supported the use of AI in education and called for funding to help teachers re-design lesson syllabus.  He suggested rather than doing an answer-based assessment, teachers can check the quality of questions prompted into ChatGPT. “Getting the right answer will deduct much less intelligence than asking the right question,” he said. Martin Wong Ding-fat, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong also believes that ChatGPT can be beneficial to students. “ChatGPT allows students to work on projects that are bigger because the smaller units are already available,” said Wong. ChatGPT, a free AI chatbot developed by research and deployment company OpenAI, works by providing detailed responses to user prompts. It is currently used as a feedback tool to create safe and appropriate AI systems. Hong Kong has invested in artificial intelligence in recent years, such as introducing an AI learning module in secondary schools and setting up an ethical framework for AI and big data analytics. In the Budget Address this year, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-Po also announced the launch of a feasibility study for a potential AI Supercomputing Centre, which will be completed in 2023-2024. But the audience at the Summit also expressed concerns about the regulation of AI and whether it will overtake human beings.  “The more …


Young children adjusts to “new normal” after mask mandate ends

  • By: Jemima BadajosEdited by: Ming Min AW YONG
  • 2023-03-04

The end of mask mandates on Wednesday brings hopes to improve children’s psychological development, as the COVID-19 pandemic caused a rise in speech problems and emotional recognition in children. The removal of mask requirements was announced by Chief Executive John Lee-Ka Chiu on Wednesday due to the “trend (of COVID-19 cases) and the fact that the winter surge (of influenza)” is ending.  “We are starting to resume to normalcy comprehensively, and that will be very beneficial to economic development, our international competitiveness as well as our activities which involve everyone in Hong Kong,” he said. Mask-wearing had especially impacted the speech development and facial perception of children.  The number of children under 12 newly diagnosed with speech and language development problems grew by 25% from 2019 pre-pandemic to 2021, according to the Department of Health. Phoebe Ber, 26, a teacher at Tiny Talent Professional English Learning Centre, says that mask-wearing had raised difficulties during the pandemic in learning pronunciation, especially for similar-sounding vowels M and N. Teachers also had to exaggerate their emotions more with their eyes and voices. “(The mask mandate) is a good thing because not only it helps the younger kids to see facial expressions, they also get to see the mouth movements and as well as improve what they need to improve,” said Ber.  “Especially the kids who were born in 2019, who the moment they knew the world, they've just worn masks the entire time,” she said.  Mask-wearing has also shown a decrease in holistic processing and facial processing abilities in children, according to a scientific study done in 2022. Participants who took the Cambridge Face Memory Test had about a 20% decrease in scores when asked to remember faces with masks compared to faces without them. Faith Wong, 32, is the mother of a …

Hong Kong to invest in IT-education in bid to attract young talent

  • 2023-02-22
  • By: Elif Lale AYHANEdited by: Ming Min AW YONG
  • 2023-02-22

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po announced in his budget speech today that HK$300 million would be provided to public secondary schools to continue subsidies for IT extracurricular activities. There has little increase  in innovation and technology employment, from 41,580 employed in the field in 2018 to 46,730 in 2021, according to the Census and Statistics Department. Tommy Kwan, a secondary school teacher at YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, said his school has recently introduced STEAM education, a concept that the government promoted last year to include art subjects that give more exposure to other aspects of technology, like AI art.  ‘‘In our first semester, we taught 3D printing with some introduction to AI. The students enjoyed learning something new,’ he said. Kwan said that STEAM activities introduce new concepts to learning. ‘‘It’s not about textbooks or exams, it’s about exposure to new technology -- how to learn, how to create,’’ he said. “The limitation is that STEAM education is now only an activity and an extracurricular activity. But eventually, if one day our school incorporates STEAM education in classes, I think it will be a celebration,’’ he added.  Shirley Tang, the business administration manager of Functioneight, an IT company in Hong Kong, attributes the lack of IT talent to low salaries. ‘‘The struggle is not because people are migrating to other places, it is because people are not willing to work for a low level of duty like troubleshooting,” she said.  According to Statista, there was a 0.7% decrease in IT talents in Hong Kong, from about 126,000 in 2019 to 125,000 in 2020.  Some university students, such as Tanya Asnani, 19, student at HKUST, are hopeful that monetary funding can pave the way for more opportunities for IT talent through internships and volunteering. “I think money can be …


Education: Student and teacher exodus hits Hong Kong

The student population continues to decline owing to a wave of emigration and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Education Bureau Student Enrolment Statistics reveals Hong Kong schools slashed 50 primary one classes in 2021 compared to the prior year. Joe Law, a primary school teacher who teaches English and Physical Education in Kowloon said during the pandemic, cross-border students from Shenzhen were unable to travel to Hong Kong. Families of cross-border students cannot travel back and forth under the disease prevention measures. From 2021 to 2022, schools in the New Territories have lost 1,755 primary one students since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 according to the government figure. They are forced to cut down their classes or even scuttle entirely. For instance, Tuen Mun, where cross-border schooling mostly takes place, has slashed nine primary one classes this year. Besides the reduction in class size, teacher departure has also hit the city since the pandemic. The recent Legislative Council figures indicate that the public and direct subsidy schools have lost 4,050 teachers and employed 3,790 new teachers in the 2021/22 academic year. In the past year, 15 faculty members left Law’s school, except the two of them has reached retirement age, some resigned and emigrated with their children, Law said. In February this year, the Education Bureau launched the vaccine pass among schools, which mandates all teachers to be fully vaccinated. “One of my colleagues refused to get a jab and eventually resigned because of the requirement,” Law added. “Even though some coworkers haven’t hit retirement age yet, they left because of the constantly changing education system,” Law said. Over the two years, national security education has been included in the school curriculum. Topics related to characteristics and the history of China will be covered in different subjects. In 2021, a new …