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Law wipes out graffiti ‘invaders'

The removal of a French graffiti artist's work has added fuel to the old "art versus vandalism" row centreing on the controversial form of art.

Culture & Leisure

The Artistically Wild and Wacky Manifestation

Performance artists in Hong Kong are struggling to overcome public misconceptions of performance art and to advance social causes through it.

Culture & Leisure

[Cover Story]In art we pace urban development

Local artist swims against the current of development and turns Sik On Street into his gallery.

Culture & Leisure

Collectible figures are works of art

Your favourite action figure possesses the spirit of your superhero because of the skills, passion and patience of its maker.

Culture & Leisure

Music education is used as a tool for students to race to the top

Parents are advised to lessen the pressure on their children to learn musical instruments

Culture & Leisure

Ethnic minorities struggle for spotlight on the screen

Ethnic minorities cast for stereotyped roles find it hard to shine in the entertainment industry.

The Young Reporter Vol. 46

  • 2013-10-01


Culture & Leisure

Breaking the mould of pop music

Boys group Heroz tries to break a new path with songs about life rather than love triangles

Culture & Leisure

Embrace craziness

Do crazy activities only bring laughter and fun to participants, or do they also help them release stress in a highly competitive city like Hong Kong?

Culture & Leisure

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Poetry is very much alive in Hong Kong