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Wall Street Journal Head of Visuals introduces content-driven multimedia journalism at SOPA Forum

It is important for media to be content-driven – certain medium should be adopted because it suits to tell the story, not because it looks fancy, said MinJung Kim, a Society of Publishers in Asia Awards winner in 2017.

MinJung Kim demonstrated how to create visualised news contents in interactive platforms.

Speaking at an award winners' forum this morning at Hong Kong Baptist University, Ms Kim, the Head of Visuals for the Wall Street Journal, shared some insights of her work.

She emphasised the importance for news organisations to have multi-platform multimedia resources.

"People consume more news online, and on mobile. You have to consider different platforms when planning," she said.

In addition, she highlighted that collaboration and advance planning are the keys because various stakeholders have to be involved in multimedia projects, including editors, reporters and IT specialists.

"On average, it takes two to four months to complete a project," she said.

Despite acknowledging the fact that larger news organisations are more privileged in a digital age, Ms Kim said that the smaller ones can still create quality multimedia journalistic works.

The SOPA forum will continue until this Friday.


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