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Hong Kong's first solar-powered food truck wins catering award

A solar-powered charging system is installed for customers to charge their electronic devices.

Hong Kong's first green food truck won the Gold Prize of Catering in Traditional Cuisine of CLP's Greenplus Award Programme.

The solar-power panels, which cost over $20,000, are installed on the vehicle's roof to supply electricity for fans and for customers to charge their electronic devices.

Hong Kong's first green food truck was awarded the Gold award in the CLP Greenplus Award Programme this year.

"The eye-catching panels also demonstrates the eco-friendliness of the vehicle whereas other energy-saving measures are usually not obvious," said Trevor Ng, Managing Director of Pat Chun, who has been operating the $800,000 truck since March this year.

The company also adopts an energy management system which can be operated with a smartphone to improve energy efficiency.

Chiang Tung Keung, CLP Power Managing Director, introduced the award-winning green food truck

"With the system, we can collect real-time energy consumption data and adjust the use of electricity," said Ng. For example, they can use the remaining heat generated by the automatic rice-fryer to cook their stewed beef brisket.

To reduce interior temperature, they opted for a heat-resistant automatic rice-fryer. The solar panels on the roof also serve as a heat barrier during hotter days.

A centrifugal range hood and a grease trap are also installed to collect used cooking oil that will be converted to biodiesel for the car.

Ng said they save about 25% on their electricity bill after implementing these measures.

The solar panels are installed on the food truck to supply power for fans and chargers
A highly heat resistant automatic rice-fryer is used to reduce temperature in car cabin.

Such environmental protection measures "mitigate climate change, lower business cost and create new business opportunities," said Philip Yung Wai-hung, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce, Industry and Tourism).


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