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Two Jabs Required To Enter HKU

HKU students may lose access to the campus if they fail to comply with the COVID-19 control measures.

Students and staff from the University of Hong Kong are required to have two jabs in order to access campus starting from Monday. 

According to an internal email sent to students and staff, anyone who wishes to enter the campus will need either to be fully vaccinated or to take weekly self-tests. The same measure will also be applicable to HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPACE) premises throughout Hong Kong. No exemption is available.

Posters around the campus reminding people about the enhanced measures.

All HKU staff and students need to register their COVID-19 status via HKU portal or the HKU COVID-19 Control App. They will be allowed into campus after presenting their HKU ID cards to card readers installed at the entrances of HKU. 

People who choose to self-test will need to upload their records on a weekly basis. Presentation of original copies, photocopies, or screenshots of vaccination records and self-test records to security guards are also acceptable. 

Visitors will need to scan the QR code at the entrance to show that they have complied with the COVID-19 control measures before being granted access to the campus.

There are separate lines and card readers for the students and staff of HKU and visitors.

Tam Siu-yee, a Year 3 HKU Science student majoring in Speech and Hearing Science said that the new measure does not really affect her since she has already been fully vaccinated.

“I have been out in the clinic being in contact with patients since last semester so I have been vaccinated for a while,” Tam said. 

Although the measure does not affect her, she disagrees with the implementation. She thinks the new measure does not respect students’ personal wishes and the right to be on campus.

Tam doubted the effectiveness of the two available vaccines in Hong Kong on combating Omicron and “doesn’t see the point for mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 control on campus.”

Eight universities in Hong Kong have also implemented various vaccination policies for campus access.

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