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“Art March 2024”: tourists welcome new ovoid installations with full bookings in the opening week

teamLab:Continuous, an outdoor art project featuring hundreds of colourful illuminated egg-shaped installations at Tamar Park & Central and Western District Promenade, was fully booked by tourists on its opening week as part of the government’s new campaign.

Around 200 ovoid installations changed colours with interactive sound effects with audiences.

The installation is part of the government’s “Art March 2024” campaign, a program which aims to welcome tourists and locals to take part in various artistic events and “take the city’s vibrant cultural landscape to the next level”.

Hong Kong’s visitor demographic is largely composed of people from mainland China. -(Data Courtesy: Hong Kong Tourism Board)

In the opening ceremony, Tam Mei-yee, Deputy Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, said they were pleased with the public’s reaction to the exhibit.

“The 100,000 reservations for the first week were sold out within 2 hours, showing the audience’s enthusiasm for this event,” said Tam.

However, some visitors were disappointed in the amount of tickets and available amenities.

Gao Xiaoqian, 28, a visitor from mainland China who has been to other teamLabs projects in Japan, said he had to walk more than 100 metres from the exhibit to the nearest vending machine for drinks and snacks.

“I think the government can do better in this event, Gao said. “More tickets and valuable souvenirs related to Hong Kong may make this event more friendly.”


People line up to receive free ice cream in Tamar Park as part of Art March’s campaign.

To accommodate for high demand, Tam said the Leisure and Cultural Services Department would increase the number of booking quotes and would work with the travel industry to arrange group bookings.

According to Klook’s official listing for the event, all tickets are fully booked until Apr.7.

Richard Kim, 25, a local resident, said: “If an event has reservations to limit the people coming to the exhibition, I can’t see how it can attract more people to go out and more tourists to come.”


Tourists who left the event could also enjoy Victoria Harbor and its surroundings.

The installations will be open from Mar. 25 to June. 2. Although reservations are full, people may make appointments through Klook at 1 pm each day to reserve same-day entry tickets.

The exhibition by teamLab includes “Reasoning Life which Continues to Stand” and “Reasoning Trees”, and the ovoids belong to the first part. (Source: teamLab)

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