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The Night Before Election - Taiwan Election 2016


Tsai Ing-wen (Democratic Progressive Party)

Tsai Ing-wen, presidential candidate of the DPP, finished her election campaign in front of the Presidential Palace in Taipei this evening.

Speaking to thousands of supporters, she said their votes will be the first step towards reform.

"We are here not to defeat any party. We are here to fight against the dilemma confronted with our country," she said.

Democracy, she said, is not just about elections but about people's everyday life.

"Go back to your home towns and vote," she told them.

"The vote you cast tomorrow will bring a new era in politics, the economy and a new future for Taiwan," Tsai said.

By law, election campaigns in Taiwan must end by midnight. The voting will begin at 8 am on January 16.


Eric Chu Li-luan (Kuomintang) 

Eric Chu Li-luan of the KMT, who has spent the past two weeks sweeping through rallies across Taiwan, ended his campaign in Taipei this evening, in the city where he is the mayor.

Chu visited the eight legislative constituencies in Taipei today and attended a climactic rally in Taichung

His final stop was Banqiao Stadium in New Taipei where he's joined by other KMT leaders,including the former vice president Lien Chan.

In the rally, Chu admitted that the KMT has made a lot of mistakes. However, he hoped the Taiwan people can give him as well as the KMT another chance

He also expressed his view towards the union of the pan-blue camp. "Regardless of whether it is the KMT, the People First Party or the New Party, the pan-blue camp should be united and construct a better Taiwan."

Wang Ju-hsuan, 54, the vice president candidate of KMT, said KMT's past policies have protected women by making the sexual harassment prevention law and family violence prevention law.

"KMT has also passed a policy enabling workers to get monthly paid after retirement rather than a lump-sum payment," she added.

She believes that KMT is the party that protects the elderly.

Taoyuan City councillor, Shu Tsoi-ling of the KMT, says she is confident that Eric Chu will win the election tomorrow.

"When he was mayor of Taoyuan, he planned a lot of insightful infrastructure for the city, for example, constructing the international English speaking village," said the five-term councillor, who worked with Eric Chu for seven years in Taoyuan.

She believes that people should pick the right person and Chu is the only one capable for the post.


James Soong Chu-yu (People First Party)

James Soong Chu-yu of People First Party promised his thousands of supporters a clear and honest government if he get elected this time.
Interviewees said they trust this 73-year-old man because he did great job when he was the governor of Taiwan in late 1990s. Also, Taiwan people are tired of the green(DPP) blue(KMT) dispute, they hope a third power can save the island.


The New Power Party

The pro-DPP New Power Party holds a rally at Mengxia Park. Thousands of people come to support Freddy Lim, a former rock star who is now one of the two legislator candidates of Wanhua District.

Two days ahead of the election day, supporters came to the campaign with wishes that the young candidate could bring new energy to the next Legislative Yuan.

"If [Freddy Lim] actually gets on and and gets on well, that means he will be good influence and good moral model," says Sharon Hung, a Taiwanese Canadian student who comes to observe the rally.

Mr Lim says the Kuomintang is from the "era of dinosaurs", which is old-fashioned and lacking in communication with the grass roots.

"The Kuomintang becomes old and needs to rest for a while," says Tsai Yu-siou. She thinks Freddy Lim can well represent the young generation of Taiwan.

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