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LIVE: Hong Kong Policy Address 2021

This is the live coverage of Hong Kong Policy Address 2021, the fifth and last policy address in Carrie Lam's term of office. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage on our website and social media platforms.

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1:39pm: That is the end of Carrie Lam's final and lengthiest policy address. Please stay tuned for further stories from The Young Reporter.


1:18pm: Patriotism is the root of Hong Kong to be the pearl on the palm of the Central Government. 


1:14pm: Under the double safeguards of the electoral reforms and the implementation of national security law, Carrie Lam believed Hong Kong will continue to “play an irreplaceable role” and will “pass on the torch” to the new generation. 


1:15pm: she faced pressing challenges due to social unrest and Covid, however she was able to pull through because of the support from the Central government and her family.   


1:13pm: Carrie Lam urged citizens to vaccinate.


1:12pm: Carrie Lam thanked the people of Hong Kong for helping fight Covid-19, and Hong Kong will continue to prioritize opening with the mainland.


1:11pm: Support will be provided to local youngsters developing in mainland China, especially in the Great Bay Area.


1:09pm: The central government will continue facilitating the flow of talent between Guangdong and Hong Kong, according to Carrie Lam.


1:05pm: Carrie Lam said she will double the quota for the “Quality Migrant” scheme, which mostly targets “highly skilled” and “talented” people from the mainland.


1:05pm: It is predicted Hong Kong will meet a bottleneck in talent supply in face of the low birth rate, therefore attraction of foreign talent is needed.


1:04pm: Curriculum of primary and secondary schools will be revised, especially on national identity and media literacy.


1:02pm: Non-chinese speaking students are encouraged to attend local schools and enter the job market. 


1:00pm: Measures supporting students, including kindergarten, secondary school and tertiary students will be implemented.  


12:58pm: The education bureau will intensify the screening of misconduct among teachers. 


12:56pm: Laboratory tests and x-rays will be used in Chinese medicine services to promote the sector.


12:52pm: Statutory holidays will be prolonged to 17 days. 


12:52pm: District health centres will be set up to supplement the healthcare system.


12:51pm: A number of measures will be implemented to enhance childcare, ethnic minorities and women services. 


12:49pm: Expenses on elderly services will be increased due to the aging population. 


12:48pm: The government will create more services for the aging population and allow those with disabilities to age in place. An “Old Age Living Allowance” will also be introduced, according to Carrie Lam.


12:45pm: Poverty problem is in fact a housing problem, according to Carrie Lam. Poverty has reduced to 640 thousands. 


12:43pm: Carrie Lam plans to develop Hong Kong into an area where eastern and western cultures meet. “The visions of becoming a cultural metropolis will soon be realized.”


12:43pm: 300 million will be invested in the Hong Kong sports sector, to improve sports technology and medication and to keep Hong Kong athletes’ competitiveness. The government will work together with Guangdong and Macau to hold a wonderful and safe National Games in 2025.


12:42pm: The athletes retirement program, providing retiring athletes jobs and education will be expanded. 

12:41pm: To support local athletes, new facilities in the Hong Kong Sports Institute will be built. Sports science and technology will also receive support from the government.


12:40pm: Autonomous vehicles will be promoted. 


12:39pm: The government will launch more 5G spectrum to enhance the coverage and usage of 5G mobile networks in various industries, like the application of remote medical service. 

12:38pm: Cycle track network connecting the east and west of New Territories will continue as cycling becomes a popular sport. The greenway for pedestrians and cyclists in Kai tak will be completed in phases from 2023 onwards.


12:36pm: A water park including water sports facilities will be developed in Tseung Kwan O early next year.


12:36pm: The government will implement the "Invigorating Island South" project to build the Southern District into an area full of vitality, courage and strength, suitable for work, living, creativity and leisure., according to Carrie Lam.


12:35pm: MTR connecting the south island will be conducted next year to increase the vibrancy of the area.


12:33pm: 19 billion will be allocated for reconstruction of old buildings, according to Carrie Lam.

12:32pm: The government plans to reduce Hong Kong’s carbon emissions by reducing up to 40% electricity consumption. 

12:35pm: MTR connecting the south island will be conducted next year to increase vibrancy of the area.


12:33pm: 19 billion will be allocated for reconstruction of old buildings, according to Carrie Lam.


12:30pm: Electric vehicles development is encouraged to lower carbon emissions from transportation.


12:28pm: The Office of Climate Change and a committee involving young people will be set up.


12:27pm: Hong Kong must address the weather effects brought about by global warming, according to Carrie Lam. THe Hong Kong Climate Action Plan will be announced.

12:23pm: Carrie Lam is confident to meet the shortfall of land in the mid to long term.


12:18pm: Carrie Lam said land in New Territories, including brownfield land, is being developed. 


12:17pm: Carrie Lam said transitional housing will be launched. 


12:16pm: Carrie Lam said the supply in private housing land supply remains stable and the government will recycle 8,000 public housing units.


12:14pm: Carrie Lam expects that Hong Kong will need 301,000 housing units over the next 10 years, with the housing authority to deliver one third in the next five years, and plans to increase the supply of public housing. 


12:12pm: Carrie Lam said short term measures are not enough to solve local housing problems.


12:10pm: The SAR government and the Pan Pearl River Delta region will establish cooperation respectively, Carrie Lam said. 

12:08pm: Carrie Lam hopes to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international trade centre.


12:06pm: Carrie Lam said the government will continue to provide investments for infrastructure and construction. 

12:05pm: Carrie Lam said the Legislative Council generally agreed to establish a dedicated cultural bureau to strengthen the cultural leadership of Hong Kong.

12:03pm: Carrie Lam said the third runway will be completed by 2024. 


12:02pm: Carrie Lam encouraged local scientists to take part in projects based in mainland China.


12:01pm: Carrie Lam said the Innovation and Technology Bureau will develop the Greater Bay Area innovation technology express, supporting commerce to enter the market. 

11:57 am: Carrie Lam said she had agreed to allocate resources to University of Hong Kong, and Chinese University of Hong Kong for scientific research. 

11:54am: Carrie Lam said the Ma Liu Shui reclamation can provide 88 hectares of land, which will be mainly for development of innovation and technology.


11:54am: The work in one zone two parks is making good progress, according to Carrie Lam.


11:50am: Carrie Lam said that a “Commercial data interchange” will be built and is expected to start operation next year. ”


11:49am: Carrie Lam said the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is in the process of developing the commercial data interchange.

11:46am: Carrie Lam announced three major cross boundary transport will be developed. 


11:45am: Carrie Lam said Hong Kong ports must continue their advantages, apply digital technology, and build smart ports because Hong Kong’s high-tech development is not as good as Shenzhen’s.

11:45am: Carrie Lam said, as long as Hong Kong integrates into the national development and fully uses its unique advantages, it will have unlimited possibilities. Hong Kong is a large RMB offshore trading center and a large free-trade harbor.


11:39am: Carrie Lam said she is going to modernize press releases to not be so “old fashioned”.
11:37am: Carrie Lam introduced government restructuring, including the addition of the Youth and District Affairs Bureau, Innovative, Technology and Industry Bureau and the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau.


11:34am: Mrs Lam said there is still a need for reorganizing the policy bureaus to complement the government's policy purposes and meet social expectations.


11:33am: Carrie Lam added that the northern metropolitan area will solve the housing problem of 2.5 million people.

11:32am: Carrie Lam said that more technological facilities will be built in Lau Fau Shan to provide more job opportunities for the residents living in the Northern Metropolitan Area in the future.

11:29am: Carrie Lam said the spatial concept of Twin Cities, Three Circle will facilitate close collaboration such as economic development between the HK government and Shenzhen.

11:26am: Carrie Lam mentioned the development of the north of New Territories is important as people population in this area will increase and it is also related to the Greater Bay Area.

11:24am: Carrie Lam announced her plans for New Territories.

11:26am: Carrie Lam mentioned the development of the north of New Territories is important as people population in this area will increase and it is also related to the Greater Bay Area.


11:24am: Carrie Lam announced her plans for New Territories.

11:22am: Carrie Lam said the national security law helped resolve social chaos and Hong Kong can now focus on an era of economic development.


11:18am: Carrie Lam said there will be a booklet “Vision 2030 for Rule of Law” initiative to promote the proper understanding of the rule of law in the community especially among the primary and secondary school students.


11:13am: Carrie Lam said Hong Kong should comprehensively and accurately implement the One Country, Two Systems, the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee, and promote public safety. A Basic Law meeting will be held in April next year. 


11:11am: Carrie Lam said strengthening school education for national security should start as early as possible. 


11:09am: Carrie Lam said one country, two systems has got back on the right track and those who have committed acts that “endanger” Hong Kong have been punished. 


11:02am: Carrie Lam said presenting her speech peacefully is evidence of Hong Kong going back to the right track of one country, two systems in light of the national security law. 


11:00am: Delivery of the policy address by the chief executive begins. She has hinted at a plan for development projects to boost land supply for housing and grow the economy.


10:56am: Grandma Wong (Alexandra Wong), social activist for the pro-democracy camp, appeared outside the Legco half an hour before the policy address began.

10:30am: The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions met with the media outside the Legislative Council Complex and publicized their political platform 40 minutes before the policy address began. 

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