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HK Red Cross uses technology to raise awareness on climate change

The second Red Cross City Challenge kicked off on March 2 in Kowloon District. The event embraced virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to better present the influence of climate change.

Youth members from the Red Cross Society of China Zhongshan Branch and Macau Red Cross are also invited to participate in this event.

Different from the previous event theme "Humanity City Challenge", which focused on the community services, this year’s theme is  "Rebuilding Lives, Rebuilding Homes". Participants need to race against time in the streets and alleys in Kowloon to find 60 designated checkpoints and complete various missions. 

"Hong Kong Red Cross hopes that this event will encourage people to get involved in community activities to help the disadvantaged groups affected by climate change and disasters," said Ma Chak-wah, chairman of the organizing committee of the Red Cross City Challenge.

Ma Chak-wah delivers a speech, expressing gratitude for the strong support from all sectors of society

The event is of a pro bono nature. After deducting administrative expenses, the funds raised from the event will be used to support various humanitarian services of the HKRC.

Ma said that the event will include the use of AR technology to present participants in real-life scenes of homes stricken by extreme weather to create an experience of the huge impact of climate change in real life.

This year, Hong Kong Red Cross co-branded with Snoopy™ and handed out gift bags filled with goodies of the cartoon dog.

Snoopy™ enthusiasts in this event take photos in front of the exhibition boards

More than 2,500 people registered for the event, and about 70% of whom were young, Ma added.

"I came to this event because Snoopy™ caught my eye," said Leung Sin-yee, a 17-year-old local student.

"Hong Kong has also been frequently affected by extreme weather recently, and the theme of this event happens to be related to disasters. I want to learn from this event to better protect myself and help others," Liao said.

Participants attempt CPR as a challenge during a physical activity

Ma said that the Red Cross hopes to encourage more and more young people to understand and participate in disaster relief activities through this event by allowing participants to experience simulation of bandaging, AED and CPR.

“How we can pass the spirit of humanity  to the younger generation is something that we have been thinking about while organizing this event." Ma said.






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