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Homosexuals are part of God's love

Homosexual Christains find new meaning of religion after a small church publicily normalizes and welcomes the marginalized

An exotic small church in Hong Kong has opened its doors to embrace non-heterosexual Christians who are still marginalised by mainstream churches.

Founded by a number of gay Christians, the Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship (BMCF) serves lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) at large, accounting for 95 per cent of its total members.

"They (LGBT) usually hide themselves in the closet, as they fear people will turn away from them. Our church is important as an outlet for their emotions," church spokesman Pastor Silas Wong Kwok-you said.

Mr Leo Chan, 28, is one of the church's followers, who would reveal their sexual orientation to fellow members only.

"The priest at my old church always says it [homosexuality] is wrong," said Mr Chan, who has been in love with another male for a number of years. "So, I dare not spill a word about my lover."

But having attended the BMCF for six months, Leo and his partner have not only found it a place where they can feel relaxed about their sexuality, but also where God witnesses the growth of their relationship.

"Here, I have found new meaning of God's love, that it also blesses gay lovers," the gay Christian said.

Nevertheless, mainstream churches and Christian organisations such as The Society for Truth and Light remain adamant that homosexuality is a violation of God's order in creating humans – that man should wed with woman.

The society's spokesman, Ms Helen Fu Dan-mui, stresses that homosexuality is not allowed according to the Genesis, the first chapter of the Old Testament.

"If one cares about one's own religion, he/she will be willing to suppress lust for the God," she said.

However, BMCF regards the other Christian organisations as being "too sensitive" over homosexuality, especially when they rejected proposed legislation that tried to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in 2005.

"The Bible does not blame homosexuals," Pastor Wong said, adding that homosexuality existed when Jesus Christ was alive.

"God's love is not confined by one's sexual orientation" – and that was why the church was open to non-heterosexual Christians, he said.

According to government statistics, only a few of Hong Kong's 1,400-plus local Christian congregations welcome non-heterosexual followers. They include St. John's Cathedral, Kowloon Union Church and One Body in Christ.

"If society was open enough to diversity, no church would be labeled as a 'gay church'," says Pastor Wong.


Reported by Katheleen Wong

Edited by Helen Yu

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