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Pretty Rally

WANT to prevent your make-up from melting in a rally? Wish to stay fresh when protesting? Local make-up artist Mr Akira Chan has some tips.

Make-up styles...

  • Natural and ordinary
  • Light
  • Long lastingMake-up tips...Primer: helps prepare the skin, fill pores and fine lines and make-up last longerFoundation: thin foundation is moisturising; vitamin- packed; water and oil-proof; helps minimise shine due to sweat and oil; and prevents smudgingConcealer: moisturising concealer has oil and water-proof ingredients that reduce creasing and smudging

    Brow pencil: better than powder at combating sweat and oil

    Eyeliner: water and oil-proof gel eyeliner is the best smudge-proof choice

    Mascara: oil and waterproof mascara prevents smudging

    Brow gel: the wax in brow gel keeps eyebrows in place all day in the heat

    Dress styles...

    • Be simple
    • Conform to the dress code of the protestCheck out a make-up demonstration:Link: Akira Chan graduated from make-up and styling school in 2012 with two diplomas. He provides make-up services for prominent artists, theatre performers, and magazine fashion models. He has been directing annual fashion shows since 2013.

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