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[Video] Old Landscape, New Business Model


By Arisa Lai


GoodPoint, a four-storey heritage complex, is a lifestyle hub newly opened on February 12, 2015 after its revitalization. Operated by four social enterprises and community organizations, it is located in prime area of Flower Market in Prince Edward.

"With a French architecture design, GoodPoint is defined as a grade II historic building and it is managed by Hong Kong Council of Community Service (HKCSS) under the Heritage Preservation and Revitalization Scheme." said Ms Tuet, HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre (HSBC SEBC) manager of HKCSS.

Four operators, namely "Zen in Five Seasons", "WECONS", "Running Horse Lantern Limited", and "ELCHK Essence Hub", each occupied one floor from the ground to the third respectively in order to satisfying different social needs, Ms Tuet said.

"Something special about social enterprises is that not only do they make business, but also promote a social value concept," said Ms Alison Yuen, HSBC SEBC Programme Executive of HKCSS. "Like we also organize public visiting tours [to bring people in]."

"The best thing is that this heritage building is open to public, instead of being turned to a private property." Ms Yuen added.

Some of the fascinating elements include the Art Deco in this building, which emphasizes simple lines, detailed carving and repetitive patterns as well as the ventilated ceiling.

On the first floor WECONS collaborated nine communities to promote the idea of healthy living, with the aim of preservation and inheritance, according to Fair Circle Project Officer Mr Ernest Wong, the representative of the proprietors.

"We hope this is not only a spot for selling goods but also a platform for people to engage in our concepts, like socioeconomic justice." Mr Wong added.

In the renovating stage damage or modification to the building are avoided, Mr Wong mentioned. No nail was drilled into walls, instead an interlocking method is adopted to combine the wooden blocks. Slide doors are used for easier adjustments and removal afterward.

ELCHK Essence Hub on the third floor is a learning centre for the "golden age". Elderly at the age 50 or above can gather there joining some activities to enrich their life.

"The building is similar to our senior members, might look antiquated or useless." Ms Ivy Chin, Service Officer of the Essence Club said. "However one emphasis is that both GoodPoint and the golden-aged people could actually further shine out in their later stages."


(Edited by ShanShan Kao)

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