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Decision was made out of "collective wisdom", the DR Group founder said

The founder of DR Beauty Group should bear full responsibility for the whole incident, says the defence counsel of the group's technician in the hearing on Tuesday morning.

Three defendants face charges of manslaughter regarding the death of a 46-year-old woman in 2012.  The clinic head Stephen Chow Heung-wing, Chan Kwun-chung, a technician, and Mak Wan-ling, the patient's physician attended the hearing today. All of them pleaded not guilty.

The defence counsel of Chan pointed out that Chow, who was also a doctor of the clinic, should be fully responsible since he was the one who made the decision of adopting CIK, a form of immunotherapy believed to be able to whiten and refine the skin.

Chan's defence added that Chow made most of the decisions at the clinic, even the locations of the promotion posters.

Chow denied the accusation and said most decisions were made by the whole central managerial team, claiming it was a common practice to make decisions with "collective wisdom".

Meanwhile, Chow said he had appointed Chan to be in charge of the CIK treatment program.

Chan's defence said Chan's Putonghua is "horrible" so he could not further enquire the supervisor at Guangzhou Military Hospital with the actual amount of cells needed for the treatment when they were learning about the CIK technology at the hospital .

However, Chow responded that Li was able to communicate in Cantonese.

Chow also could not answer the proper dosage and the frequency of injection when questioned by the judge.

The trial continues on 16 Oct.



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