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A 10-min mobile experience to online dating

More than 50 million people on earth are Tinder users. In a hustling city like Hong Kong, single millennials found it hard to look for partners because of gender imbalance, high expectation and busy schedules. LGBT communities actively use online dating apps because it is difficult for them to look for partners, while they are constantly worried that their identity and personal data will be exposed.

My name is Celeste
I am studying in cultural studies
I am 21 years old
I started to use Tinder in the last semester break
Because I had nothing to do
I was too free

To me it was unusual
I have never met a stranger online
We only talked through text
Suddenly we met in person. It's like an online friendship.

Firstly you would feel nervous
Because you don't know each other

I have friends who date very rapidly
I found out that my friend has a new date
Suddenly they broke up
Within a month, they got a new date again!
I see this trend everywhere
Especially in university, relationships are more fragile.

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