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Chinese New Year speciality: Fish-shaped rice cakes

Following two families creating beautiful rice cakes in the form of fish at PMQ.

During the Lunar New Year, the fishes symbolise having financial surplus while the rice cakes symbolise that children with grow taller and also do better in the coming year.

Two families with two lovely girls prepare to start their craft with the help of Cordon Bleu graduate, Andy Dark, who teaches them how to create beautiful rice cakes.

The workshop is organised at PMQ Taste Library, where a comfy and tranquil environment offers more than 5000 food-related book to let the public discover more through food literature.
Andy Dark, the Curator of PMQ Taste Library as well as the teacher of the workshop, is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, a top-notch culinary school in Paris. He also owns a Youtube channel to share his recipes with more than 40, 000 subscribers.
Since the cake is not difficult to make, parents are welcome to bring their kids here to be a little chef.
Participants are given a set of cookware to have a taste of the cooking process.
The little girl in the red awaits patiently for her mum to prepare all the ingredients for rice cakes, such as rice flour and sugar.
Mum and little girl continue to sift the mixture to make a smooth base for the rice cakes.

Andy Dark continues to show the next steps of creating the rice cakes. Adding some oil into the mixture makes the cakes a lot smoother so they can be whisked together beautifully.
Andy Dark assists another family in whisking the rice flour and the coconut milk since the little girl is unable to stir the mixture really well.
Colors are added to the completed mixture to make the fishes come to life.
The fish cake symbolises a traditional Chinese blessing — "abundance and surplus through the years".
The finished fish-shaped rice cakes are now ready to be enjoyed with family and friends.
Participants could barely hide their excitement to share their cake with their family and friends during the Chinese New Year.

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