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Baptist University students stage class boycott

Around 40 Hong Kong Baptist University students participated in a class boycott sit-in protest at the campus on Wednesday afternoon, after the two-day citywide strike and class boycott ended.

Setting up booths and putting up posters around the campus, the students hoped to increase awareness among fellow schoolmates to join the class boycott.

The group gathered themselves yesterday night through Telegram, a social chatting app which is widely used by the protestors to disseminate information.

A girl in black is sticking banners, which read “BUers, let’s boycott classes”, on the walls in Hong Kong Baptist University.


A board is set up for students to express their thoughts to the police, government and the ”righteous person”, which means any protester or citizen supporting the movement.


“We would like to utilise our time spent on the class boycott to participate in the movement instead of skipping the lectures without any purpose,” said a Year 4 Arts student who wishes to identify himself as Louis Lee.

Chanting “'Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times,” a popular chant amongst the protesters. The students reiterated the five demands including to call for the withdrawal of the extradition bill, a commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality, amnesty for arrested protesters, and universal suffrage.

The crowd later sat in a circle to discuss their thoughts on the recent protests in Hong Kong, as well as the strategies to organise the class boycott activities in the coming weeks.


Students sit in a big circle during the class boycott.


A meeting would be held with the Students’ Union later today to discuss the students’ further actions.

(This story was first published on Facebook on 4 September 2019)

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