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“LeaveHomeSafe” mandate starts today for access to government buildings

QR codes at the entrance of a wet market.

Scanning the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code is mandatory for anyone entering government facilities from today. That includes wet markets, public libraries, swimming pools, police stations and much more.

No queues outside Wing Fong Street Market in the afternoon.

There are QR codes posted at every entrance of most government buildings.

“This measure is useful in tracking Covid cases, but it may lead to long queues at many public facilities,” said Jenny Chong Hing-Lin, 59, a housewife.

But the new measure did not appear to have caused any long lines or waiting time at Wing Fong Street market in Kwai Hing

“Actually, there are already a lot of people inside. It would be very annoying if we need to line up. Maybe I would rather buy groceries in the supermarket,” said Suki Chan Lai-yin, 44, an office assistant who goes shopping three times a week. 

In August, about five million people had installed the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application, but by Oct. 26, that has increased to six million, according to government statistics.

“Everyone entering all government buildings is required to use ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ which is convenient for tracing close contacts of future infection cases,” the chief executive said on Oct. 26. 

Children under 12 years and elderly people over 65 years are exempted from the LeaveHomeSafe mandate. But 74-year-old Szeto King, who goes to the wet market every day, was using the app all the same.

“I’ll still use the ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ application to scan the codes which only takes a few seconds,” said Szeto.

People who are exempted need to fill in a registration form when accessing government facilities. Government officers may call these visitors to verify their personal information. 

Entry to public toilets, public bathrooms, cemeteries, grave gardens and garbage collection points do not require use of the app. 

A staff stands at the entrance of the wet market to check visitors’ use of the app.

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