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Be playful and make mistakes

Traditional Chinese-style parenting tells us to obey the rules and behave, but Mr Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui urged the city's youth to "be playful" in a commencement talk at the Education Studies Department.

A Baptist College graduate, Mr Cheng landed his career in the entertainment industry since 1978. Described by the host as "a man with a young heart", Mr Cheng walked into the lecture hall with a crutch due to leg injury.

As the principal of the TVB's artiste training programme, Mr Cheng said he always reiterated to his trainees the substantial value of making mistakes in early years. "It is my last advice to those who are about to graduate," he said.

"Not being wrong does not mean you are right," said Mr Cheng. "Make more mistakes. Then you'll know more, and know better."

He encouraged students to raise more questions, instead of passively receiving information from lecturers, authorities, among others in the outside world.

When asked about his views on the current situation of Hong Kong, Mr Cheng first responded with a compliment to the student who had thrown him that question. "This may be a critical moment. Overall it does not look good. But let us take it as an opportunity." he said.

Throughout the talk, Mr Cheng neglected addressing his own achievements, but kept reminding students that, "This is your era. And you should live your life on your own terms."

Edited by Jessica Lee

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