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Highlights on Carrie Lam's responses in her press conference

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor further justified her plans for Hong Kong in a press conference Wednesday afternoon, following the announcement of her first policy address in the morning.

Responding to the saying that her policy address highlights only livelihood issues but avoids political matters, Lam said Hong Kong has not had a proper atmosphere for such a discussion yet.

Lam mentioned the acts of some legislators that morning in the Legislative Council, which she considered as disrespect, are a sign indicating that the city is not ready for much political discussion.

She said political reforms, especially those regarding Article 23 and universal suffrage, could only be progressed when time is suitable.

Concerning measures to ease housing problems, Lam said the best way for now is to increase the supply of flat units.

She promised to make transparent discussions in the near future to confirm how the schemes can work feasibly in detail.

While public doubts if the "Starter Homes" plan could solve pressing issues related to housing soon, Lam clarified that it is more important to provide every the opportunity in purchasing flats.

Another focus of Lam's address is regarding to innovation and technology. Lam agreed that the industry in Hong Kong has been lagging behind that in the Mainland for years.

Apart from the increase in research and development funding, Lam said she will put in extra effort to this field by supervising the whole process of development herself.

Regarding Hong Kong audience booing the national anthem at a football match on Monday, Lam thought the irrational audience are only the minority of the whole. She reaffirmed that Hong Kong is part of China and such acts are considered deeply disrespectful to the home country.

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