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Coronavirus is changing Hong Kong residents' daily routine

Coronavirus is spreading in Hong Kong. Since the Lunar New Year, local  residents have been searching for surgical masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant. Three weeks after the lunar new year, the supply of face masks is still under the demand. The Hong Kong government tried to purchase surgical masks from other parts of the world but they still cannot provide a stable supply of masks. Some Hong Kong residents are panicking about the lack of face masks and spending hours queuing up for a box of masks. Some organisations distribute free face masks to elderlies in communities. The situation on valentine’s day is still the same.

The Hong Kong government is asking residents to put on face masks to protect themselves and stay away from coronavirus.
Some buildings are asking their residents to put on surgical masks when they are taking the lift to prevent the spread of the virus.
Some shopping malls have enhanced sanitary precaution by providing hand sanitizer for shoppers at the concierge.
Most of the pedestrians wear face masks to protect themselves from getting coronavirus. The supply of face masks cannot meet its huge demand.
Some passengers wear safety goggles on MTR to prevent the virus from entering their eyes.
The number of couples on the street is fewer than the valentine’s day last year.
Some pedestrians put on a face shields to prevent droplet transmission.
Some pharmacies do not raise the price of face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants after the outbreak of coronavirus. Face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant are sold out at a pharmacy which maintains the regular prices of products after the outbreak of coronavirus.
The mark-up price of face masks at a pharmacy is five times higher than its original price. Residents who need face masks have to purchase them at a high price.
A mah-jong playhouse gives out five free face masks with a red pocket to residents in a neighbourhood.
Residents queue up for three hours for free face masks, the queue is about 200 metres long.
Chan Mao, 73, said he cannot afford expensive face masks and does not know how to buy face masks online. He has no choice and has to queue up for free masks.
The long queue at a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui disappeared, leaving empty seats at the waiting area.
The Gateway in Tsim Sha Tsui was packed with shoppers and travellers. There are no shoppers at the atrium of the mall at 8:30 p.m. on the Valentine's day.
Long queue at the Bus stop at Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard disappears and shops are closing earlier than usual.


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