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Social distancing measures to relax on Thursday as COVID-19 cases fall

Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan Shiu-chee announced today that social distancing measures will ease from Feb. 18.

Hong Kong recorded nine new cases of Covid-19 today, the second consecutive day in the single digits.

Prof. Chan said that in view of the low number of COVID-19 cases, catering businesses can provide dine-in services until 10 pm and the maximum capacity per table will be increased from two to four people.

Some businesses such as sports facilities, gyms, beauty parlours, cinemas, and game centres can also be reopened for business until 10 pm, provided that their staff undergo virus testing every 14 days.

“Owners and staff should undergo the first virus testing between Feb. 11 to Feb. 25,” added Prof. Chan.

People entering these premises are required to scan the QR codes using the Leave Home Safe app or register their personal information along with visiting date and time to record their whereabouts. 

Prof. Chan warned that if restaurants and other premises do not comply with the requirements, their opening hours for dine-in services will be shortened to 6 pm and the number of people per table will again be restricted to two people. They may also be subject to temporary closure of between 3-14 days.

Premises including bars and nightclubs will remain closed.

Meanwhile, bars, nightclubs, bathhouses, party rooms, mahjong parlours, swimming pools and karaoke establishments will remain closed. 

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