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Exhibition commemorates the 20th anniversary of superstar Leslie Cheung’s death

More than 7,600 fans gathered at Hong Kong Heritage Museum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of legendary star Leslie Cheung’s death on Saturday, according to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and hosted by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” showcases an extensive collection of Cheung’s mementoes.

Three of Cheung’s close friends, Florence Chan, William Chang and Wing Shya are guest curators. Cheung’s partner, Daffy Tong, also shared his personal collection with the museum. 

The event displays 61 exhibits, such as stage outfits, trophies, photos, videos and Vinyl records. 

Visitors can redeem free posters using their tickets at the exhibition’s exit.  

Cantopop icon Leslie Cheung passed away 20 years ago on 1 April 2003. In his career, Cheung won numerous awards, including RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards, Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. Cheung’s artistic films and pop songs are still widely admired and adored by many. 

There are also other ongoing memorial events in the city, including “Reminiscing Leslie Cheung: 20th Anniversary Exhibition” at Hong Kong MTR Station, Timeless Leslie Encounter in Olympian City, and "Leslie Cheung MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE CONCERT" in Hong Kong Coliseum. 

The “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” will remain publicly open until 9 October.

The “Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition” will be held at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum from 29 March to 9 October.
The neon light wall shows Leslie Cheung’s song titles.
One of the highlights is this white suit with feathers decoration that Cheung wore during the opening of his Passion Tour concert in 2000 to suit the theme “From Angel to Devil”.
The crafted seashell culottes are worn by Cheung during his Passion Tour concert in 2000
The blue beaded jeans Cheung wore at the Passion Tour concert in 2000
The red cloak and suit with stonework Cheung wore when he performed “Red” in Live in Concert 97
Cheung wore this pair of red high heels at Live in Concert 97.
The vinyl record "For Your Heart Only" white edition was released in 1985
In 1995, Cheung released “Most Beloved”, his first album after returning to the music industry
In 2000, Cheung won the Jade Solid Gold Ten Music Award of Honours Award. It is one of the most prestigious Cantopop music shows in Hong Kong
Karen Cheung, 50 (left), and Barry Leung, 50 (right), have been fans of Leslie Cheung for over 30 years. They come to visit the exhibition on this specific day. It is their first time seeing some stage costumes and cassette tapes in person
Tianna Xie, 20 (left), a mainland student studying in Hong Kong, has been a fan of Cheung since middle school. She visited with her friend Lily Zhang, 20 (right). "I can't imagine that Leslie has left us for 20 years. He is still so influential and remembered by so many people,” Xie said
Ricky Fung, 75, a loyal fan of Cheung, used to collect his albums and watch his movies. “I lost most of the albums over the years, this exhibition recalled my memory," Fung said. “I miss him so much.”
Fans have been using paper cranes for commemorative purposes. For example, a huge red crane was placed near the exhibition entrance to memorialise Cheung’s death
One of the popular exhibits is the Vinyl records wall, which contains nearly 20 of Cheung’s records

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