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[Video] Cash in on charitable donations

Reported by Tina Cheung and Yanis Chan

According to the Law Reform Commission, the number of charitable organisations in Hong Kong has almost tripled from 1996 to 2010.

With more and more charitable donations being made, the public has become increasingly concerned with where all their money actually goes.

The video focuses on the legal issues related to the transparency of charitable funds and how donations raised by such organisations are utilised.

The Young Reporter set up a vox pop interview at Kowloon Tong MTR station where a couple of charitable organisations usually set up booths to raise money.

Randomly selected interviewees were asked about their perception of how charities use their funds and what they think can be done to make their donations worthwhile.

Mr Sidney Lee Chi-hang, a lawyer and councilor of Central & Western District was also interviewed. Providing legal advice on the possibilities and restrictions for setting up a centralised law to monitor the finance of charitable organisations, Mr Lee also laid out some alternatives as to how these organisations can be regulated without a comprehensive law term.

Edited by Giselle Chan

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