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Letter from the Editor

The Young Reporter editorial team was gathered in the 24-hour computer lab (more like a lounge) one day last week putting together this issue. I was researching the Electoral Affairs Committee statistics on voter turnout and watching one of my editors scrolling on his laptop on the sofa. I looked at the group and spontaneously asked, "Who in this room has actually voted?"

Among the dozen 21 and 22-year-old journalists-to-be, only one person --Joey, our copy editor--had voted in a by-election at South Horizons, Southern District West last year. All the rest will be first time voters this November.

Writing an election issue with no voting experience is a double-edged sword. Having never experienced voting procedures, timelines and reporting regulations has to be compensated for with massive amounts of research and planning. But as university students, it is easier for us to relate to young candidates and young voters. And, as a female-dominated group on a female-dominated campus, we are sensitive to gender issues in politics and workplace.

The system of appointed members is to be abolished starting from this election, making the District Council the only generally elected and most democratic part of the government in Hong Kong. The council itself though possesses very limited power, even on community policies and transparency in the way taxpayers' money is spent. The people in Hong Kong are increasingly aware of their rights in politics, partly credited to the Umbrella Movement, and further reform in the District Council shall soon be appealed.

Back in the lab (or lounge) one editor made the confession that she is not a registered voter and the guy on the sofa moved his stare away from the computer screen to her and let out a sigh.

Crystal Tse


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