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Vehement canvassing continues as By-election nears its end


By Tracy Zhang; Photo by Alfred Lam & Celia Lai

At 8.30pm, more than 370,000 voters have balloted for the Legislative Council's New Territories East geographical constituency by-election while the seven candidates and their supporters continue to campaign for votes.

The seven candidates, which include Lau Chi-shing, Wong Shing-chi, Holden Chow Ho-ding, Albert Leung Sze-ho, Christine Fong Kwok-shan, Edward Leung Tin-kei and Yeung Alvin Ngok-kiu are fighting for one seat that will last for seven months.

Chan Ka-hei, a F6 student who supports Leung Tin-kei Edward, said, "I believe Leung Tin-kei because Hong Kong Indigenous could be hope for the city's future."

"I hope the winning candidate can uphold our core values and represent Hong Kong people's voices," said Mr Chan.

Another of Leung's supporters, Tsang Tak Kit, 21, who volunteered to campaign for Leung Tin Kei said he believes Leung could ban all the unreasonable policies to prevent Hong Kong from being "engulfed" by the Mainland in 2047.

But former media-related worker Mony Chan said she would prefer Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu, the Civic Party candidate due to his "humble personality" because Hong Kong is not ready for the direct protest that Leung is appealing for.

Former Scholarism spokesperson Lai Man-lok Oscar and former legislator Martin Lee Chu-ming rallied for Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu outside Fanling train station, calling for the protection of the 'crucial seat' with votes.

Executive Councilor Starry Lee who supports Holden Chow said the campaign was critical since a silent majority of Hong Kong's voters had not voted, during which the turnout rate reached 26.03 per cent, 2 per cent lower than that in 2012.

"No one is absolutely right or wrong. They (the parties and the government) need to calm down and have a talk so as to work things out," said 89-year-old Mr Wong, adding that the young candidates like Leung and Yeung did not approach the elders like him.

Nelson Wong Shing-chi, The Third Side candidate, was questioned by a citizen who doubted his political stance as "being opposed to both radicals and conservatives."

"We need to find a moderate way to solve the problems," he said.

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