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Students learn together on Instagram as Covid-19 gets worse

Studygrams’ posts reveals study progress of current DSE candidates.

The candidates of 2022 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education maintain their burning ambition to study by posting under #2022dsestudygram, a trending hashtag that has gained over 6,000 posts on Instagram.

“Studygram makes me more concentrated on my studies during the class suspension period when I see how hard others study though their Studygram,” said Cindy Lam Pui-yin, a DSE candidate taking Physics and Economics as elective subjects, on top of the four compulsory subjects including Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies.  

“The future depends on what you do today,” is one of the inspiring quotes captured by the student-managed Studygrams, where pupils keep a record of their study progress in Instagram accounts, to encourage peers amid class suspension due to rapid spread of Covid-19.

The Education Bureau announced that all schools must hold classes online only on Jan.20, but schools can arrange in-person half-day lessons for form six students to prepare for the final examinations.

Examinations and student activities in other levels should halt and postpone, according to the announcement.

Although online lessons save travelling time and give students more autonomy in learning, Lam worries that the sudden amendment will affect her performance in the public exam. 

“We haven’t been taught the full curriculum for some elective subjects yet, and the class suspension is having an impact on my preparation for the public exam,” said Lam. 

Michelle Lam, also a candidate for the examination, owns a studygram with over 700 followers, said that online teaching always distracts her from focusing on the lessons. 

“I don’t dare to relax when I see so many people study hard even though the in-person classes are suspended,” Lam said. 

The 2022 DSE will start on Apr. 22 while the class suspension lasts until Chinese New Year holidays.

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