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Voice Our Soul, Hong Kong’s Christian music festival kicks off

Christian music festival Hypersonic Fest kicked off at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on Sunday, a day after record heavy rain flooded the city.

Thirty-five bands performed on four stages, attracting more than 1,000 festival goers on the first day, according to organisers.

Raw Harmony, a music group performing at the Hypersonic Fest 2023.

The only Christian music festival in Hong Kong included a 50-minute musical worship.

Glimmer Music, another music group performing at Hypersonic Fest 2023.

Lee Man Hei, 33, an electronic DJ known as Simon Girl who performed at the festival, said she wishes to promote electronic music to the public.

“My goal is to make music for the future,” said Lee, adding that she is inspired by other local indie bands, such as The Hertz.

Simon Girl, a former girl group member, transformed into a DJ who plays electronic Christian music at the same event.

"The Hertz also knows how to bring up the scene's atmosphere, interact with the audience,” she said. “This is what performers should do. Pursue something instead of repeating what others do and stay in your comfort zone”. 

Members of the public gathered to enjoy live performances at the festival.

“Hypersonic Fest is a good music festival because it contains different forms and styles of Christian music. Also, the audience on this platform can interact with the artists and worship together,” said Esther Choy, 20, who attended the event.

A Taiwan brand, “RAJNBOW” philosophy: “May I send the love from Him through my little chubby hands.”
A local brand, “Miss Twelve,” says “may the god bless people in different art formats,” exhibited at the art fair of Hypersonic Festival.

The festival also included an art fair with ten artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan, said Harold Chan from festival organiser Hypersonic Lab.

“Through art, including music and paintings, we can express our inner values ​​and concepts and communicate with each other,” Chan said.

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