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Budget 2024: Government to support STEM education with more funding to primary schools

The government is going to put more money into promoting STEM education in public schools and universities in Hong Kong, the Financial Secretary said in his budget address this morning.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-Po announced the 2024 Budget this morning. Photo by Elaine LAI Uen Ling


An additional HK$134 million for the provision of subsidies of up to HK$300,000 will be available for each publicly-funded primary school in the next two academic years, Paul Chan Mo-po said.

The government will also continue to support STEM internships for university students, a program launched in 2020.

Hong Kong Baptist University is one of the universities included in the scheme for Computer Science.

Cyrus Wu, 19, an engineering student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said he is personally interested in internships in IT-related industries and it will be very helpful for his future career.

The Education Bureau has established a STEM education center in the Arts and Technology Education Centre.

“Introducing STEM education helps prepare students for the future. It also allows them to understand and participate in the ever-changing world and provides critical thinking skills for students,” said Li Suen Huen, 20, a university student majoring in computer science.


Fong Kin Lung, 48, a secondary school teacher of information and communication technology, said primary school students can learn programming and problem-solving skills from STEM.

Fong Kin Lung, 48, a secondary school teacher of information and communication technology said, STEM education for primary school students will bring advantages.

“Many secondary schools require students to have problem-solving and logical abilities. Therefore, I believe increasing the budget for primary schools’ STEM education will have positive impacts,” said Fong.

Justin Lai, 22, practice teacher for two secondary schools, hopes the government will give a better guideline to use this money in the future. 

 “If the government or stakeholders could explain the guidelines for interdisciplinary cooperation more clearly, it would make it easier for us educators to teach STEM to my students,” he said.

“The most important thing about STEM knowledge is how students can integrate knowledge from different disciplines, study, think about problems, analyze and disassemble it by themselves,” Lai said.

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