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Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards handed out to "buzziest" icons in 2017

The 2017 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards was held on December 7 2017 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

Based on search results from Yahoo's search engine, the annual Buzz Awards rewards the "buzziest" icons in the Asia-Pacific region.

The awards show this year featured appearances from popular Hong Kong celebrities like Vincent Wong, Chrissie Chau, Kara Wai and Natalie Tong.

Hacken Wong (middle), got a small birthday celebration during the event.
C AllStar wins the "Top Buzz Local Group" award.
Kayee Tam (left), Vincent Wong (middle) and Chrissie Chau (right) all won the "Top Buzz TV Drama Theme Song" award.

Some of the notable winners include Hacken Lee, who won the awards for the "Top Buzz Local Male Singer" and the "Top Searched Song of the Year."

C AllStar, Dear Jane and Supper Moment also won the "Top Buzz Local Group" award.

K-pop star, Samuel Kim is welcomed by his fans and performed three songs before closing the show.

The main highlight and closing act of the show is K-pop star Samuel Kim, who received the award of the :Most Searched Korean New Singer." He also performed three songs and closed the event.

Reported by Wing Li
Edited by Jianne Soriano
Photos by Jianne Soriano

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