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Lucky draw to tempt nursing home staff to get Covid jabs

The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong (TESA) is offering prizes totalling more than a million Hong Kong dollars for staff in nursing homes who take the Covid vaccine. They must have received two doses of the vaccine in order to take part in the lucky draw.

TESA will also provide 100 free pre-vaccination health assessments for those who might be worried whether they are fit for the vaccine.

Nursing homes which have at least half of the staff vaccinated can also participate. Those who qualify can register on the TESA website from 9pm tonight.

TESA also hopes to encourage more elderly people to get the vaccine.

Speaking at a press conference today, Mr. Kenneth Chan Chi Yuk, chairman of TESA, said the current process of getting the Covid vaccine is not convenient for many elderly people.

"For example, the queues are very long at some vaccination sites, which is inconvenient for wheelchair-bound people," Mr. Chan said. "We hope the government can provide special help at the vaccination centres for the elderly, arrange vaccination at nursing homes or provide door-to-door vaccine services in the community," he added.

He also suggested that public hospitals and clinics can provide vaccination and he urged the authorities to discuss how to deploy its manpower in order to do so.

Government figures show that so far, less than 20% of people aged 60 years and above in Hong Kong have been vaccinated. As of the end of May, only 9368 members of nursing home staff had received at least one dose of the vaccine. That’s about 23 percent of the total number of nursing home staff in Hong Kong.

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